Tempus Faire watches. #watch #mens #fashion #accessories
October 16, 2018

What Do You Know Of The People Who Made Your Watch?

What do you know of the people who made your watch? 

The men and women who designed it. The artisans who made it. Their inspirations. Their stories? 

Tempus Faire are here to change that! 

We live in the world of radical transparency. And we believe it's your right to know how your favourite products are being made and who's making them. 

Introducing Tempus Faire. Their mission is to bring transparency to the world of watches. 

They directly work with designers and artist to bring you the designer watches at a fraction of the cost. 

If you are a watch enthusiast then you know it costs thousands of pounds to acquire a good quality designer watch. 

But, did you know those same designer watches can be bought directly from the artisans at a fraction of the cost? 

Tempus Faire is building a network of world-class watchmakers and artisans who will create exclusive timepieces without the crazy brand markup. 

They don't hide the creator, in factthey work really hard to bring the artisans in the front and give you a chance to discover their inspirations, stories and creative process behind the watches they design.  

So, if you are someone who loves to wear designer, high-quality watches and wants to stop paying for brand markup, and support the artisans, 

then Lock in your early bird discount now

By supporting Tempus Faire, you are supporting the artisans and helping artisans to get the attention they deserve. 

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Tempus Faire watches. #watch #mens #fashion #accessories

Tempus Faire watches. #watch #mens #fashion #accessories

Tempus Faire watches. #watch #mens #fashion #accessories

Tempus Faire watches. #watch #mens #fashion #accessories

Tempus Faire watches. #watch #mens #fashion #accessories