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What Color Blazer Should Every Man Own

Are you having difficulty mixing and matching your clothes, trying to find which ones go together?

Have you thrown all of them out on your bed but still can’t figure out which garments to go with?

Your difficulties are over. Whether you’re going to a formal or smart casual event, one piece of clothing that will help you blend right in is a blazer.

Then comes another question, what color blazer should every man own? Empty a small space in your wardrobe because we’ll teach you how to choose a blazer that will work with most, if not all, of your outfits.

What Color Blazer Should Every Man Own?

After picking the quality, the color is the second most important thing you need to consider when choosing a blazer. You want to make sure you can use it with your entire wardrobe. After all, what’s the point of spending hundreds of dollars if it only goes with one of your shirts, right?

We compiled a quick list of all the best colors you could get for your blazer to lessen your burdens.


We are willing to bet on this one. If you ask any stylish man that you know what’s the best color for a blazer if they could only have one, they will say it’s navy.

Navy is at par with black when it comes to elegance and style. This reputation is undisputed. Both of these blazers are compatible with most of the colors of your dress shirts.

Do you want to know where a navy blazer beats a black one? There are multiple shades of black, and sometimes, a black blazer does not complement a black shirt of a different shade.

On the other hand, navy blazers go with just about anything. It makes dressing up significantly easier and quicker.


A beige blazer may not be as versatile as a navy blazer, but there’s one area they excel in. Beige blazers are always stylish.

You can use this for formal occasions, but you can also pair it with a white shirt of a casual and chic appeal. For the pants, just make sure you wear chinos matching the color of this blazer, and you’re good to go. You can also try wearing pants of darker colors for a high-contrast look.


While we might have a few reservations about this, gray is also a great color option for a blazer. There are some shirts in your wardrobe that will not go along well with gray blazers. However, once you pick the right shirt, you can be free in choosing your pants.

Gray blazers are great with jeans, khaki chinos, or slacks. You can also wear them if you prefer adding a tie to your shirt.

How To Take Care of Your Blazer

If it's rugged and worn down, there is no point in investing in a quality blazer with the most versatile color. Continually wearing your blazer despite it looking fatigued and near the brink of retirement will just ruin your look.

That’s why you need to learn how to take care of your blazer. Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as you might assume. Below is a quick guide to prove that.

Use Wooden Hangers and Garment Bags

Blazers are tailored to fit and stay on your shoulders. Using wooden hangers with bulky ends will help keep the shape and padding of the blazer.

Additionally, do not leave your blazers hanging in the open. It is an invitation for dust and insects that will compromise their quality.

Make sure that you have garment bags. These are fabric covers designed to fit onto wooden hangers and keep your blazer covered.

Pack Properly

There will be times when you need to fly or travel somewhere and bring your blazer with you. If you mindlessly throw it inside your luggage, it’s just a matter of time before it develops creases and folds.

Take the time to read and follow some folding instructions about blazers to make it easier for you. It also guarantees that your blazer stays fresh and looks brand new, despite being in your suitcase for hours.

Use a Suit Brush and Lint Roller

You’ll never know what you will encounter while wearing your blazers. Sometimes, they would even accumulate dust if you place them inside a garment bag.

For instances such as these, make sure you have a suit brush and a lint roller with you. The brush removes insects or other larger debris from the seams and sleeves.

On the other hand, the lint roller attracts dirt, dust, and even pet fur from the fabric.

Choosing the Right Blazer Color

A blazer can easily turn your casual outfit into a smart casual or formal dress-up. That’s why you should take the time and effort to learn more about it. One way to do that is to identify what color blazer you should own, and you can effortlessly go from there.

What Color Blazer Should Every Man Own