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Vertabrae: the New Name in Street Fashion

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When street style is done right, it is the ultimate fashion statement. It says: "I'm cool, I'm confident and ready to face everything life throws at me. In style."

Vertabrae: the New Name in Street Fashion

It is much easier to get all dressed up for a special even than it is to really nail a casual outfit, so if you are one of those people who look picture perfect in sweats and sneakers, you have all my respect.

If you want to build a top-notch casual wardrobe, I've got a brand for you that will have you covered when it comes to ultra-fashionable tees, sweats and accessories: Vertabrae.

They are based out of Atlanta GA, shaping the local and wordwide fashion scene under the creative direction of designer and owner Dyeland London, who over the last years has worked with and styled stars like Young Thug , Lil Keed, Gunna, Lil Uzi Vert and more.

Vertabrae is his new venture - a brand he has created as an outlet for his artistic vision and extensive experience, and a way to show off his real creative side.

His aesthetic can be best described as a fusion of laid-back cool and contemporary minimalism, peppered with high contrast brand logos and graphics. Pieces from the new Vertabrae collection will be great additions to your urban looks this summer and fall, embodying the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Be sure to check out their fab new line of sunglasses with frames made out of sturdy transparent plastic in a gorgeous range of colors! They are the perfect finishing touch to all of your looks, both casual and elegant.

Keep an eye on their website to be the first to see their new designs and don't forget to follow Vertabrae on social media to keep up with their updates!

Brand: @vvertabrae
Dyeland London: @2fl.y

Vertabrae: the New Name in Street Fashion

Vertabrae: the New Name in Street Fashion