Up Your Bromance Game With A Styled Photoshoot
May 22, 2019

Up Your Bromance Game With A Styled Photoshoot

If you’re opposed to the idea of having photos of yourself around your house, think again: there is a certain benefit to seeing yourself smile. According to research, when you see yourself smile, even if it’s a fake one, your brain is tricked into releasing dopamine and serotonin, both of which are responsible for us feeling happy.

Now, while happiness is great, you want to make sure that your home doesn’t become an egotistical showcase of your impressive jawline. Instead, a few strategically placed portraits showing off your meticulous style sense not only adds some pizzazz to a room but also allows you to do something fun with your friends.

Up Your Bromance Game With A Styled Photoshoot

A Gentleman’s Club

If you’re the dark and brooding type, this is finally the chance to don those brogues and tailored a suit for a misty photo shoot reminiscent of James Bond in the Skyfall film.

Muted colors and hard editing will allow you the ideal addition to your gentleman’s library. This look is perfected with a Chesterfield leather couch, a choice of cigars, and a decanter sporting a barrel-aged whiskey. Get the boys to relax in conversation, with casual poise as the photographer captures smile lines and cigar smoke.

Lighthearted And Fun

If you and the boys like nothing better than hanging out at the beach or pool, a fun poolside shoot might just be the answer. If you’re worried about revealing too much by just appearing in shorts, a cool summer printed shirt will still pull off the look.

It’s easy to capture a group shot in or around a pool with everyone having fun, and the pops of color work really well on canvas. According to CanvasPop, photos have an extra layer of depth when copied onto canvas. Not only will you have a special memory captured, but it also adds vibrancy to a modern interior.

Natural light outdoors will allow you to make the most of the colors, and if you’re going for a specific theme, encourage your bros to dress accordingly.

Look Good Doing Rugged

If you’ve ever had a mom or gran nag you to shave your beard before a special event, it’s probably because your interpretation of rugged runs more along the lines of unkempt.

Flannel shirts, leather boots, and trench coats all work to create the look, but there are a few rules to make it work. You can’t look like you’ve lumberjacked the entire year without having a bath. If you want to keep things long, you need to keep it well-groomed.

This includes your hair, beard and, to a certain degree, your brows. Being rugged is not letting yourself go. For your shoot, choose a location that captures your ruggedness the most, such as a good outdoor spot or around a fireplace.

A photo shoot is a fun way to get the boys together and create indelible memories. It also provides you with a chance to show off your fashion sense.

Up Your Bromance Game With A Styled Photoshoot