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Top Summer Styling Tips For Men This 2023

Staying cool, stylish, and comfortable in the summer isn’t always easy - but by using a few of these tips, you’ll be on point, and summer style will be a snap.

There has been a shift in fashion in the last few years, and we are expected to see it even more solidly in the summer of 2023. Comfort is the big trend, athleisure, co-ords, light fabrics, loose fitting (not shapeless), and a resurgence of the good old 80s and 90s.

Summer Styling Tips For Men This 2023

So, what trends should you be getting on board with?


A trend that never quite goes away is the military style. The colours, utilitarian looks, and tailoring are all very distinct. The military style leans into rugged clothing designed to be worn to excess. High-quality materials are a must. You can easily pull the military style off, by choosing a white t-shirt, aviator sunglasses, and cargo pants or chinos.

It is a timeless classic and easy for anyone to wear - and as a bonus, you don’t need to buy too much to make it work. Most people have some combination of the basics, but you might want to invest in some decent aviator sunglasses.


The last few years have changed the work game, and that changed the fashion. There was a call for athletic wear that was more comfortable but smarter too. A key trend will be performance wear that can be worn around the home office, to run errands, or for a Zoom call.

The trick to making it look less like loungewear is pairing crewnecks with chinos or jogging bottoms with a smarter top. There are even options for tailored trousers made from a jogger material - reimagined into something that looks upscale, but you could still bench press in them if you wanted to.

In addition to choosing appropriate performance wear, it's essential to ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently by engaging an HVAC expert. Besides maintaining your system, they can provide various tips for staying cool in hot weather, whether working from home or the office.

Wild West

One of the best things about fashion is that you can go back through the decades and find something you like. And while the standard Levi jeans, shirts with coloured pocket flaps and a good belt are still strong in many places, Western is back with a bang in the mainstream.

You don’t need to wear it like you are about to saddle up, but an ornately decorated shirt pocket with regular jeans is easy. If you want to go all-out, add a Western boot.

Co ords

The final word in effortless dressing is a co-ord. Men have worn what we now call co ords for years in the form of tracksuits; the jumper and the bottoms tend to match. But if you want the same ease but with a summertime twist, then men’s short sets are simple and effective.

Pair the co-Ord with sliders or some classic Adidas Gazelles for maximum comfort.

Relaxed Tailoring

2023 will see a rise in the loosened-up tailoring - and the best part about a looser fit of clothing is that it allows air to circulate around the body better, keeping you cool when it gets warm. Loose tailoring still looks slick and can be worn to more formal events - because the silhouette is reminiscent of the 40s and 50s style.

Don’t be tempted to confuse the loose tailoring with things being baggy; it will still be fitted in the right places.


Many fashion brands go back through their archives, looking for inspiration and putting new twists on old classics. Maybe you didn’t have the best fashion sense in the 80s and 90s and aren’t looking forward to a revival - but it is coming anyway.

You’ll see colour blocks, patchwork patterns, logos, and retro colours. The retro revival makes it easy to play around with patterns and colours without too much effort - before you know it, you’ll have a shell jacket in primary colours and high tops to match.


When dressing for the summer weather, think linen, cotton, and chambray - keeping you cool and stylish. And, since they are moisture-wicking, you’re less likely to end up with sweat patches (although that is all par for the course in the summer).

Crossover Footwear

Footwear like lace-up boots and even sneakers are following the lead of athleisure. Boots with a softer material and sole but the look of a smart shoe, and sneakers that look too smart to play sports. The crossover opens up a lot more for your wardrobe in the summertime!

Summer Styling Tips For Men