Pocket Knives
July 24, 2020

Top 6 Reasons Why Pocket Knives are an Everyday Essential for a Man

Pocket knives are the true underdogs of essential tools for your daily life. People usually view it as a weapon or a collector’s item, however, this small and handy tool can help you get through menial tasks as well as protect you in dangerous situations.

If you are still wondering how a simple blade can be so helpful, here is a list of reasons why you should keep one on you all the time.

1. Essential for Getting that Cutting Job Done

In this day and age, we are highly dependent on having our purchases delivered in boxes and packages. You have probably struggled more than once fighting with tape to unbox your purchased item.

This is where your handy pocket knife steps in. Things such as packaging will not be an issue if you have a sharp blade to cut through it in one swift motion.

Pocket knives are not only used to cut through delivery packaging in your everyday life. The situations you could end up in where you need a knife handy are endless, such as cutting rope.

2. Cutting Food on the Go

With a pocket knife, you don’t have to wait to get home to meticulously cut your fruit or food and place them neatly on your plate. People nowadays are increasingly on-the-go and the more tasks they can juggle at a time, the more convenient.

Some food can’t be eaten on the go without being cut and prepared but with a pocket knife, it is possible. With your favorite knife from Online Knife Show, you can now leave the house with any food of your choice.

However, as previously mentioned, the functions of pocket knives are versatile so, be mindful not to cut through a box and then use the same knife to cut through your food without cleaning it.

3. It’s Practically a Portable Tool Box

How often have you come across minor repairs you need to do but realize you don’t have your toolbox with you? You might not always carry a box of tools to fix sudden repairs but you can carry a pocket knife which will still get the job done.

You can use the hilt of the knife to hammer nails in while making sure that the knife is sheathed. Moreover, quality pocket knives are durable so you can use them to pull out nails and unscrew stubborn screws without the tension of it breaking.

However, if you have been leaving your pocket knife lying around there is a high chance that even stainless steel blades will start to rust. This will make your blade weaker and affect its performance.

If you notice rusted spotting on your blade it does not mean that you have to throw your expensive pocket knife out. There are simple ways to get rid of rust from the comfort of your home.

4. An Essential Survival Tool

You will usually notice one of the tools people will always recommend you to keep handy when you are going camping or hiking, are knives. In these situations, there is a sliver of a chance of being in danger of getting lost.

Even though modern facilities make these experiences safer, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

For these situations, pocket knives are essential because they do not take up much space and they are versatile. You can cut through ropes, cut your food, craft weapons, and whittle wood to use as utensils. The list of the endless possibilities of pocket knives is endless.

Even if your knife gets dull, there’s nothing to worry about. You can sharpen your knife with surrounding objects such as smooth rocks!

5. Altering Your Clothes in a Jiffy

Whether if it is for survival like the aforementioned situation or if it is a style choice, you can use pocket knives to alter your clothes.

You might be wondering why would you ever want a pocket knife near your clothes when you could just buy the style of clothes you want. However, if you have a pair or two of jeans that went out of style, you could use your blade to repurpose them into ripped jeans, shorts, or even give them frayed edges.

Alternatively, if you had bought them, they could have cost you a fortune. This way, you also found a better use for clothes which were lying around.

On the other hand, if you were in a situation where resources and services were limited, such as going on a hiking trip, you can instantly alter your clothes in cases of emergency. For example, you will be able to turn your full-sleeved shirt into a tank top by cutting the sleeves.

6. Using it For Self Defense

In an ideal world, there would be no need of using a pocket knife as a tool for self-defense. But let’s face it - we don’t live in an ideal world. Many people view pocket knives or any sort of blade as a dangerous weapon, and they certainly can be dangerous if misused. However, the way you use it is what makes a difference.

In other words, you can use this blade to protect yourself from harm. The act of keeping a pocket knife on you itself can help you feel safer when walking on the streets at night.

In the case of dangerous situations where you come across someone who is trying to harm you, you can use your pocket knife as self-defense to escape from them. That said, we must strongly urge you not to use your pocket knife to harm anyone willingly, and to only use it as a weapon in self-defense.

Wrapping Up

The pocket knife is one of the most versatile tools you could keep on hand as it is compact, equipped with different kinds of blades, lightweight, and durable. The pocket knife should not be limited to just cutting things, it will be as useful as you make it to be.

However, make sure that before carrying a pocket knife that you have taken proper safety measures such as, having it sheathed when it is not in use and educating yourself about your local laws on carrying knives, and how to handle it.

With that being said, pocket knives are a man’s best friend in any situation.

Top 6 Reasons Why Pocket Knives are an Everyday Essential for a Man