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Top 5 Tips to Spot Fake Nike Shoes

There are not many things everyone can agree on but the opinion that Nike is a trendsetter is not doubted by anyone. How did Nike become so popular? Besides having super comfortable and high-quality shoes, the brand had understood its customers well, that is what got it so successful.

Nike sends messages to keep their buyers motivated, to keep them going on their journeys, never stop, and to just do it. They also realized that sneakers are not just worn by gym addicts but also by people that like wearing stylish sneakers as streetwear, not just for sports. Nike understood the assignment and created the designs to meet their customers' needs. 

Nike is not popular just among people but also among counterfeiters too. The replica brands counterfeit Nike sneakers and sell them everywhere they can. The worst part is, they do not even label them as counterfeit, so the customer buying the shoes online expects them to arrive authentically, but end up being defrauded.

In some cases, spotting fake Nike shoes seems impossible, but everything is possible for the expert team such as LegitGrails: you can get your shoes authentication as fast as possible by reaching out to them and using their legit check services. If you need the authentication done as fast as possible, then you should choose the 30-minute option. If you still want to do the process by yourself, then you should check out their authentication guides, so you can follow steps to make sure the process is successful.

Now, let us teach you 5 methods that will help you in spotting fake Nike sneakers.

Pay Attention to the Package 

You can start authenticating your Nike sneakers the moment you receive them. Examine the packaging: if the box is plain, without letterings, or any design showing that the shoes are Nikes, then you should take it as a big red flag. Authentic packaging needs to have lettering at the top as well as the accurate design shown on the official website. 

In even worse cases, counterfeit sneakers do not come in a box but are wrapped in plastic, which you should take as a sign of its fakeness.

You should also pay attention to the sturdiness of the box: if the box is coming apart and barely keeping shoes inside, then it does not even need to be pointed out that the pair is fake.

Check the Inside Tag 

This method can be considered as one of the most important steps. Every authentic pair of Nike sneakers has an SKU number on the interior label which is identical to the number on the box. If you find that the numbers do not match, then the pair is most likely fake, as Nike does not simply make those kinds of mistakes. 

Sometimes counterfeiters do not even put the SKU number on the interior tag, or put outdated labels inside the sneakers. For example, a label might tell you that the model was designed in 2010 when the item was made in 2013.

Assess the Overall Look

Learn your sneakers well, observe every detail on the official Nike website and compare it to the pictures posted on the online store you are planning to buy your sneakers from. The main differences can be found in colors, stitchings, shapes, and soles. Counterfeiters can never replicate Nike sneakers accurately, so finding some signs is never impossible.

Compare the Prices 

Even though we all love good price deals, Nike sneakers priced below their normal value is a major red flag, indicating that the model is counterfeit or damaged. 

When it comes to limited edition or vintage shoes even discounts can seem unrealistic. We advise you to check the retail price for your sneakers and compare it to the value on the website you are planning to purchase them from.

Additional tip from us: if the shipping estimation is between 7-14 days, it means that the shoes are traveling from a distant country, which is a major red flag.

Require the Receipts and the Proof of Purchase 

Whenever you buy the Nike sneakers from any other online store that is not official, always ask for receipts and proof of purchase, so you can apply for a refund if the shoes turn out to be fake. 

Sometimes fake brands try to avoid putting official documents in the packaging, so the customers do not have anything to sue them or get compensation in return.

Why You Should Buy Original? 

Buying an original item from the official store is always the best idea as you know that you are paying for the quality and when you receive the package there will not be any surprises. When counterfeiters manage to sell their items, they steal sales from the original brands so the customers that were supposed to pay directly to brands end up giving their money to criminals. So supporting counterfeiters, even if it happens without realization, plays a huge role in damaging the reputation of well-known brands. If we like an item created by a certain brand, then we should pay them to get what we want instead of counterfeiters that might send us god knows what.

Buying counterfeit items might even affect our health. Counterfeiters always try to reduce the cost by using cheap materials that are made from questionable products. Such materials can have reactions on our bodies from allergies to other health problems as they might contain toxic products. After such materials come in contact with skin reactions start happening. The problem is the most severe when it comes to fake make-up and perfume.

So for the sake of the health of you and your loved ones, for the reputation of the brand, and for not wasting your money get the original item only. Even if you do not care about anything else, imagine spending thousands of dollars just to get the counterfeit item in return.