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Top 3 Smart Casual Looks For Men

Whenever somebody says ‘smart/casual’ people tend to get anxious, particularly because you never know where to start.

If ever in doubt always go for smart over casual, it is always safer to land on the smarter side rather than the casual side at any event.

These everyday style combinations will help you master the art on how to dress smart/casual.

Maintaining a neutral palette of darker colours like navy and black will give a less intense vibe.

We recommend wearing a smart Oxford shirt and some straight legged jeans, not only will you look neat but your jeans will keep you comfortable for any work or social event.

Slip into a pair of loafers to conquer your look. I suggest throwing on a knitted jumper, keep to darker tones if you’re unsure and opt for high-quality materials for more warmth!

The main tip to remember is the more versatile an item is, the more perfect it’ll fit into the smart/casual category.

Personally, I think combining a roll neck and slim fit trousers is the ideal aesthetic that is clean and stylish for the modern man.

It is essential to pick out roll necks with high-quality materials to prevent any mishaps like bobbling and to avoid picking out patterns to avoid looking festive (it’s not Christmas just yet!).

Throw on your favourite pair of Chelsea boots to keep your feet warm and suited to the changing weather.

The ultimate smart/casual look would be the shirt and blazer mixture.

Firstly hand pick a cotton t-shirt that is lightweight and breathable for the casual relaxed side and opt for a pair of slim fit black jeans as a fresh alternative.

Finish your look with a slim fit blazer is perfect for a versatile and classic look.

It is crucial to remember to iron because nothing screams smart/casual more than a crisp shirt and jeans.

This outfit would go particularly well with brogues designed with an authentic finish making you look the part.

With a range of styles to choose from, it’s super easy to master the smart/casual look even if you feel like tweaking it a little.

Most importantly dress for your body and be aware how each item fits.

Smart Casual Looks For Men

Scroll below to check out some awesome smart casual looks for men. 

Smart casual outfit for men #mens #fashion #style

Smart casual outfit for men #mens #fashion #style

Smart casual outfit for men #mens #fashion #style

Smart casual outfit for men #mens #fashion #style

smart casual outfits for men