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Top 10 Suiting Mistakes For Men To Avoid In 2020

Anyone can wear a suit but it's difficult to look as dapper as James Bond in 007, Galahad in Kingsman and Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street. They all have something in common, which is they know how to wear an outfit properly.

It's not about wearing an expensive suit that will magically make you a well-dressed man. It is regarding those common mistakes that are usually ignored.

Here are the top 10 suiting mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Wrong Choice of Shoes 

Your shoes are always one of the few things which people notice first. Make sure your footwear matches suit jacket color. Try to go with rounded toe over a square one with black or brown leather upper because of these matches with most of the suit colors and fabrics.

2. Wrong Choice of Socks

Wearing short socks that reveal your skin or socks color, which doesn't match your suit, won't go unnoticed. You have to wear proper size socks which should cover your skin and matches the color of your trouser. You can match your  socks color with pocket square or shirt color.

3. Oversized or Undersized Suit

Don't wear an oversized or undersized suit, which will kill your look. Make sure your jacket and trouser are perfectly hemmed, not from the only waist or chest. Trouser should be accurately sized to your hips and inseam with the proper length. And also Check the size of the sleeves and shoulders of your coat. I would suggest you go with a slim fit which is in trend in 2020.

4. Careless while choosing Belt

Wearing an unmatched color of a belt from shoes will make your look from badass to below average. For example, it is best to wear a brown leather belt if you are wearing brown leather shoes.

5. Careless while choosing a tie

The first thing you have to see while wearing a tie is color, and the pattern should complement your shirt and suit jacket. The second thing you have to know is the size of the tie. Length should be from neck to waistband of your trousers. CEO’s or lawyers should wear a wide tie. People with open jobs like the artist marketer should wear a slim tie. You can wear a small checked shirt with a big checked tie. It will look stunning if you do it right, or you can wear a plain tie with a checked shirt.

6. Shirt Size & Color 

The shirt should not be too fit or too loose. Try to wear a well-tailored shirt with high-quality fabric, and its color should complement your suit. I suggest you wear a white, grey and light blue shirt which will look good with most outfits.

7. Suit Color Blunder 

Many people wear bright colors like yellow or orange. I suggest you don't try risky colors like these. These colors will make more difficulty for you to choose other things like a shirt, tie, and shoes that will complement your suit. 

8. Pocket Squares & Tie Combination

Most men make the mistake of wearing the same color tie and pocket square. Many celebrities did that, but we don’t need to follow them everything they do, we can’t break the rules, but they can because they are pros. The basic rule is pocket square, and tie should be a combo of each other.

9. Wearing too Many Accessories

Wearing too many accessories kill your style. Always keep it simple. You don't need to wear a big shiny belt, huge scarfs, rings, or gold chains. I advise you to wear a simple watch.

10. Not Removing Labels

Forgetting to remove brand labels ruins your suiting style mostly brands put them on sleeves and remember to remove them gently, removing label carelessly can damage the jacket.

These are most common mistakes which can be easily fixed without many efforts. But most of men ignore these mistakes which kills their look. I hope you enjoyed my blog if you have any queries or suggestions let me know in the comment section.

Top 10 Suiting Mistakes For Men To Avoid In 2020

fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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