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Tips to Create an Envious Sneaker Collection Without Breaking the Bank

Do you love buying shoes? Are you ready to become a real-life “sneakerhead?” Have you put off your efforts to collect sneakers because of your limited budget? If so, you may wonder if there is a way to start “balling on a budget.”

While there are some shoes that you will never be able to afford, there are others you can save up for and buy over time. Keep in mind that if you plan to get your sneakers from third-party sellers or thrift stores (which is an option), you may also have to invest in hiring someone to authenticate your Christian Louboutins or other name-brand products. The good news is, this is a small price to pay when it comes to building a drool-worthy sneaker collection. Keep reading for some tips on how to start your collecting efforts on a budget.

Envious Sneaker Collection

Don’t Turn Your Back on Air Force Ones

If you are on a budget, then the Nike Air Force 1 series of shoes is a great one to start your collection with. That’s because they are available in many different colors, and there are new styles released each season. Also, you can find these for between $50 and $80.

While some of the collector’s editions will sell for several hundred dollars a pair, it is still possible to find budget-friendly options with little digging.

Choose Athleisure-Style Sneakers

Saving money to purchase both athletic, casual and luxury shoes is something that can be challenging if you are operating with minimal funds. Some shoes fall under a type of “in-between” category, which is a combination of all three categories.

With athleisure-style sneakers, you have something that is nice to look at and just hits that luxurious casual wear mark as well. While this is true, the shoes are still functional enough to be used for any type of active or athletic purpose. It’s a win-win-win.

When you choose shoes that will work for any season or occasion, you can avoid having to rotate through just a few options in each style. The only time you will have to choose something besides shoes from your athleisure collection is if you need dress shoes. On these occasions, sneakers may not be appropriate, no matter how expensive they are.

Find and Buy During Promotional Sales

When trying to save as much money as you can, it is important only to purchase sneakers that are sold at discounted prices. Buying online is a great way to save, especially during holiday and sales periods. Shoes go on sale all the time online, it’s just a matter of paying attention to when the sales typically start and end. Take some time to subscribe to the weekly updates and newsletters offered by shoe retailers, which will let you be notified right away about any promotions that are coming up.

Envious Sneaker Collection

Buy From Auction Sites

You may be hesitant to purchase sneakers from an auction site. That’s because there is always the worry that you won’t get what you have paid for. Another potential issue is that the sneakers may not be in good condition. However, if you take time to look at seller feedback and you determine your max bid amount, you can likely find some great deals on the second-hand market. 

Many sneakerheads use auction sites to liquidate their older pairs of shoes and offer them for extremely low prices. Also, people donate older pairs of shoes to thrift stores for no other reason than the person who owned them grew out of them.

If you are just starting to grow your personal sneaker collection, there are more than a few ways to do so while sticking to your budget. Keep the tips here in mind to effectively build an amazing sneaker collection and save some cash at the same time. 

Create an Envious Sneaker Collection