The Top 80s Trends For Men #mensfashion #style
December 17, 2019

The Top 80s Trends For Men That Are Back In Fashion

The 80’s was certainly a unique and  unforgettable time for men’s fashion. From eye-catching silhouettes to bold, neon prints, 80’s style was playful and unapologetic.
While many of the classic 80’s trends seem too outlandish and outdated to wear today, a number of them have actually managed to  come back into fashion. Double denim, oversized print shirts, and fluro tones are just three classic 80’s fashions that men can pull off today.

Double denim 

Double denim was all the rage in the 80’s, and popularized by the likes of Marty McFly. You can recapture the style today by either wearing one single shade top and bottom, or updating the look with darker pants.
Alternatively, opt for classic bleached acid wash to  truly honor the era. You can also be sure to really channel Back to the Future vibes by pairing your double denim outfit with a hoverboard. 
Hover Patrol recommend bluetooth functionality in order to get the full experience. Models with this capacity allow you to play music as you ride, and are built to effortlessly glide over rough terrain, so you shouldn't get mud splashes on your denim. 

Oversized printed shirts

A paragon of 80’s fashion, loose, colorful shirts are making a comeback — largely thanks to modern shows like Narcos and the Assassination of Gianni Versace, which feature bright, larger-than-life shirts.
If you don’t want to embrace such over-the-top colors and flamboyant prints, however, there are safer ways to rep this trend. For example, you can’t go wrong with a tasteful, subtle floral print shirt.
Additionally, look for shirts with darker, more subdued colors as the base and brighter accent colors.

Fluro tones

Fluro (short for fluorescent) — aka neon — will be forever synonymous with the 80’s. Bright pink, yellow, green and orange were some of the most popular neon hues found on all types of men’s clothing at the time.
Brave enough to embrace  this classic 80’s trend? Try including just a pop of neon in your outfit. For example, consider wearing an eye-catching neon statement piece like sneakers or a t-shirt.
Keeping the rest of your outfit plain and simple will provide a nice contrast and a modern twist that prevents your look from being too 80’s. 
If you want to dress like an 80’s man, these trends are the way to do it. Double denim, oversized print shirts, and fluro tones can update your wardrobe while paying homage to an iconic era. 
The Top 80s Trends For Men #mensfashion #style