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The New Rules of Golf Style

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Style on the golf course has always been a big part of the game but has also usually followed alongside the big trends in men’s fashion in the wider world.

From the plus-fours to the bell bottoms of the 70s and on to the pleated casual business styles of the 90s, golf fashion has always been inspired by current trends.  Then a certain player came along and suddenly golf was a sport.

Changing the face of golf clothing

Men were abruptly rushing out to spend their mornings with a fitness trainer or at the gym to get ready for their time on the course.  

They wanted to hit the ball 350 yards with little effort. And they wanted to change their golf wear to match what the latest professional trend was.

At the same time, the golf clothing companies rubbed their hands with glee and started to creating clothing that was a lot more than just something to wear.  

Golf clothing technology began to develop in the same way that tech companies started to battle over smartphone technology.

The result is that there are new rules of golf style that blend the urge to look good with the use of those clever technologies buried in the best golf clothing.  

Best learn these before you go on your next golf clothing shopping spree.

The new rules of golf style

1. Wear it on and off the course

Golf has had some fashion icons and some people of questionable taste. You can get away with it on the course but not on the street.

The modern golf stylish recommends that you not wear anything on the course that you couldn’t also wear off it.

If it is too patterned to wear to the shops or to the restaurant then maybe it isn’t ideal for the course.

2. Belt buckles are practical not statements

Oversized belt buckles can work (somewhere) but the golf course isn’t the place for them.  

Belts are a compulsory part of wearing smart trousers which are a key part of your golf uniform but keep those belt buckles in a sensible size and style.

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3. Make sure you have the essentials of the golf wardrobe

There are some items that need to be in every golfer’s wardrobe.  The first is the self-collar polo shirt.

That means that the fabric is the same on collar and shirt and can come in a wide range of styles and colours.  

Another classic polo shirt example is the tipped peak polo shirt with banded sleeves. Always remember the shirt sleeves should never go below your elbow.

Chinos or smart trousers with a little touch of stretch in them are another key part of your golfing wardrobe.  

You want the breathable nature of cotton as well as the slim fitting yet comfortable design of this kind of trousers.  

Don’t be afraid to wear trousers with five pockets either as all those spots can be useful.

Finally, a V-neck sweater in a material such as merino wool can be ideal when the weather turns a little cool, but you still have holes left to cover.  

Few professionals have not worn them so there’s no reason why anyone can’t join in.

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4. Get the right shoes

You don’t have to buy golf shoes for your first ever round but once you have got golf in your system, then you need to get the right shoes.  

Golf shoes tend to have plastic or metal spikes, but some courses ban metal ones so check ahead.

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5. Don’t forget a hat

Golf hats look stylish, but they are also important to protect your eyes and face from the sun (when it appears).  

Go for something practical and remember that first rule when making a choice.

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6. Use colour wisely

Colour is great fun on the golf course but use it wisely.  If you have a bright pair of trousers pair it with a muted polo shirt.  

Don’t mix your patterns and coordinate your accessories with your look. Golf gloves are a great way to add a pop of colour if you are a little colour blind.

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7. Enjoy the rain

One of the most fun things from the golf technology boom is rainwear.  So, embrace those showers and use it as an excuse to get your special rain jacket or waterproof pants out of the bag. 

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8. Keep it simple

Above all else, if you are unsure if a look works, a style is right, or clothes are practical – keep it simple.  It worked for the best of them. See for a full range of branded, golf clothing that will look great on the golf course

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The New Rules of Golf Style