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The Most Stylish Glasses For Men In 2020

2020 has been one heck of a year but for many of us who love fashion, certainly don’t want to neglect our style! So whether you are sitting in your backyard enjoying a drink or taking the dog on a walk, check out some of the most stylish glasses for men in 2020. 

Some of the hottest looks are going to be all about titanium glasses, semi rimless frames, and gold aviators. Then once you find a style you think appeals to you, consider some of our recommendations on how to style them with the perfect attire. This gives you an overall cohesive look you will come to love.

Semi-Rimless Frames With A Straight Top

We all know frame styles come and go, one that is super popular right now is prescription glasses with only the top half rim. These are a classic look that gives off a big of a vintage 60’s feel. Making them the perfect for the old school man who appreciates a clean-cut look. They can be ideal for an office look (or zoom call) or even as sunglasses, these are one of the top fashion trends. 

We recommend a pair of semi-rimless frames with a business casual look. Something that looks professional but not over the edge. These glasses will help tighten up your look in a sexy and trendy way that does not draw too much attention to fussy accessories or details. 

Tortoise Shell

This isn’t so much as a type of glasses but a style. Tortoiseshell colored glasses are making a strong comeback with this classy look. Whether it is on the sidebands or thick and bold around the lenses, this is no longer just for women - but for men as well! There are plenty of different combinations that can satisfy your particular taste. 

We recommend tortoiseshell frames in nearly every style of glasses. They are always a fun look that offers a minimal pattern and bit of colorful flair to an otherwise low-key wardrobe. If you find a style of glasses that you like, it would maybe be worth it to see how they look with a tortoiseshell finish. 

Bold & Thick Frames

Bold and thick frames are becoming more and more popular as people get more adventurous with their fashion tastes. Thick bold frames are a statement piece that looks professional and can make any outfit more high end. If you are adventurous, take a stab at some interesting colors that can complement your overall look.

We recommend pairing these glasses with a bold suit - that's right. Bold on bold for a statement outfit that will help you take control over any boardroom. Consider suite that have striking patterns, a bit of color, or unique cuts that compliment your shape and accentuate your style. While you may be hesitant at first, know the most important part of rocking a bold look is your confidence. 

Titanium Glasses

Titanium glasses are more about the material than it is about the style of glasses. These are sturdy frames that will be able to hold up through any sort of travel or work you may have. They generally come in grey, but you will be able to find them in lighter or darker shades of gray depending upon your preference.

We find that titanium glasses go with everything. It is a versatile material that you can easily ask about with any style of glasses. If you are curious about what pairs well with a particular pair, know that since most glasses are grey, you will want a suit that compliments the grey accessory or find a brighter color to contrast the grey tones. Too much grey and your overall look will fall dull.

Hexagonal Shape

We love this look because of how different it is. The hexagonal look is completely new and unique. It is perfect for the poetic man in your life that wants something understated and not too fussy. They are light and delicate, making them the perfect complement to any face with bold features.

We would recommend hexagonal-shaped glasses to anyone that is rocking a casual hipster type look. It is ideal with a casual cardigan, some rolled up jeans, and a V neck. They are a soft and kind look that just reinforces the overall look. 

Gold Aviators

I don’t think aviators ever went out of style but particularly gold aviators are going to be splashed all over the magazines this summer. We all that Tom Cruise pilot look, with the timeless shape and feel. They are being reinvented by now being offered with a gold finish. Making it stand out just a tad bit more than the original pairs we all have. 

The reason aviators have been popular for such a long period of time is because they are a great classic look that goes with nearly everything. Honestly, there is not much a pair of aviators doesn’t go with. However, you will want to be wary of the gold. Having too much gold or mixing too many different metals can come off tacky. So be careful in the watch and belt you pair with your gold aviators. 

2020 may not be about gathering a bunch of friends together, but there are plenty of ways to still show off your great style. Some of our favorite looks you can rock no matter the quarantine status! If you are struggling to figure out which frames are best, consider a few of the most stylish frames and you cannot go wrong!