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The Gentleman's Guide to the Best Types of Watch Bands

Let's take a look at how the various types of watch bands to integrate into your daily lifestyle.

The Gentleman's Guide to the Best Types of Watch Bands

The United States has the second largest market for watches in the world. The kind of watch you wear can say a lot about you as a man. Are you wearing it for utility, for style, or a little of both?

Of course, the watch itself is important, but the right watch band can either bring it all together or make you stick out like a sore thumb! Contrary to belief, there are a plethora of different types of watch bands.

The important thing is to wear the watch band that best fits your lifestyle. So how do you make that happen? Keep reading to find out which watch band is perfect for you!

Types of Watch Bands for Every Occasion

Your lifestyle will determine what kind of watch band you should wear on a regular basis. The type of watch face will also help you make the right choice. Here are some of the best options.

Timeless Leather

This is the most common choice for a watch band. No frills, just a classic look that can go with anything. Whether you're dressing up for a black tie affair, or headed to a baseball game, this will work great.

Just when you think you know about this must-have in a gentleman’s watch-strap collection, this selection of classic and vintage leather bands unlocks more possibilities for your timepiece. And quick-release straps make the swap a short and sweet affair. 

Neutral colours like tan, brown, or black make it easy to match with any outfit. However, care is crucial for a leather watch band. You can quickly ruin it if it gets wet or is exposed to intense temperatures.

Heavy Metal

These are also very common, especially if you've got a metal watch face and you want the whole thing to look like one unit. The biggest benefit to a metal watch band is its durability. Rain, sleet or snow, you'll never how to worry about mother nature ruining your watch band.

A metal watch band offers a sleek look with a variety of options from silver and gold to tungsten or platinum. The one thing to consider here is that metal bands are generally heavier. So if you are consistently active, this may not be the right band for you.

Rubber or Silicone

If you live an active lifestyle or play sports, this is the one for you. It is lightweight and comfortable so it helps your watch feel like it's part of you. And it's also easy to clean without ruining the material.

They tend to be more affordable than a classic leather or metal watch band. And they also give you a lot more freedom when it comes to the colour and design of the band. There are some great resources where you can read more about your rubber or silicone watch band options

Want to represent your favourite sports team? There's a band for that! Want to have a different colour band to match certain outfits? You're covered there as well!

Watch This Way

As you can see, your lifestyle affects the types of watch bands you will be wearing. But you're also not limited to just one. If you're a collector, having different watches for different occasions is very common.

A watch is just a piece of your look as a man though. To learn about other great accessories for men, explore my blog. 


The Gentleman's Guide to the Best Types of Watch Bands