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The Futuristic Fashion Wave Is Coming

Though women's fashion has tended to be a sector of the industry that inspires most focus and attention, that looks set to change somewhere in the coming seasons as men's fashion continues to grow and grow.

From Japan to Europe all the way through to America, trends are starting to be noticed that are going to be strong and consistent over the next year. There is a leaning towards futuristic, almost space-age looks.

To give you an idea of the style, here are some of the biggest men's futuristic trends coming out of the fashion corners of the world.

Space Suits

Athleisure and streetwear are starting to more and more resemble classic space suit silhouettes, perhaps not quite as oversized, but certainly leaning towards that space-age aesthetic for a really cool and edgy look. Perfect examples can be found in the creations of C2H4 Clothing, available online at

Skin Baring Suits

Skin baring suits are the perfect combination of old classic style with a futuristic edge. A well-tailored suit with no shirt underneath is an extremely popular look on the runways this season, and more men are feeling confident enough to transfer that look from the catwalk to the streets.

Acid Suits

Acid suits are definitely a bold fashion choice, but those who want to be on the cutting edge of trends this season might want to invest in one. The good thing is that they tend to come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors.

Skiing Gear

As the weather gets colder, ski gear is going to be a huge trend. A big ski coat will not only keep you warm, but many designs also feature cool metallic paneling that very much fit into the futuristic aesthetic.


In terms of key color schemes and combinations, the standout this season to achieve the futuristic look is most definitely monochrome. All beige, head to toe, will leave you oozing chic.

Oversized Puffers

Puffer jackets carry an instant and natural futuristic vibe, making them an easy garment to buy to make sure that you fit in with the latest trends. The more metallic and bold colored, the better! Best part? They can be styled many different ways and keep you warm!


Think David Bowie for this one; a futuristic fashion sensibility that isn't defined by one particular gender. Androgyny is something that is always prominent in science fiction and it fits the futuristic atmosphere perfectly.


You might not immediately associate preppy style with futuristic style, but the tone this trend is trying to evoke is almost high school cool with a sci-fi edge, reminiscent of things like Stranger Things.

What is evident to tell from these 2020 trends is that they have all had their time in the sun before. Fashion is cyclical, and great looks from the 50s and 60s are coming back around the be embraced by today's fashionistas.

The Futuristic Fashion Wave Is Coming