The Floral Print Shorts Mens Trend - How To Unapologetically Rock It
April 20, 2018

The Floral Print Shorts Mens Trend - How To Unapologetically Rock It

A Brief Intro - Getting Started

The average guide to wearing florals for men touches on the vague descriptive minor details on why floral isn't such a bad thing for men. But just as this mens floral shorts guide says, the finer details are all worth mentioning. It's not that the Hawaiian shirt and shorts fad you've been wearing or anticipating on wearing is out of style, but some really wise advice would be to step into the 21st with an updated design of mens floral. Wear designer patterns that are embellished with hues and artwork thats captivating and reassuring of your outgoing nature.

The menswear floral trend is reshaping what menswear can and will look like into the future, and for summer it certainly starts with shorts that are designed and crafted in a certain way - Ultimately the rule of the day is that your wardrobe needs to include pieces that easily work with your shorts also, such as t-shirts, ties, and even footwear that complement the look.

There's a secret to wearing men's floral shorts, and t-shirts, and all other things floral for men. And the secret - well it's been let out the bag. You can wear florals, only if you have that special ingredient needed - charm, confidence, poise, whatever you choose to call it. 'The 'it' factor". The 'it' factor and floral apparel is kind of a catch 22 because one breeds the other.

Though clothing is often a great vehicle to spruce up your man-ego, that confidence may be the very thing that pushes you to rock florals during summer and in a very modern and fashionable way. After all the floral print trend for men isn't something that's necessarily scoffed at, especially in an Instagram fueled era.

Truly dapper gentlemen are savvy enough to have the style know-how of modern flair, are sticking to vibrant, colourful hues of chino and board shorts like nothing else.

Standing Out From The Crowd - The Floral Motif

Embellished Floral Print Chino Shorts At PILAEO

floral shorts

Embellished Floral Print Chino Shorts At PILAEO

If you're unsure whether or not a bold floral pattern is for you, you're in luck because you can always tone it down by selecting the right accessories and t-shirts. The truth is, you don't necessarily need to be floral on floral such as the Milanese runways to make a floral statement, as a gentleman

High end fashion companies with attractive summer styles such as the mens shorts at PILAEO are smart ways to get these blossoming pickups that will keep your summer style dapper, and exciting more than ever - looking amazing more than you expect.

A Bit Of Ripped Denim

For the casual savvy guy who wants to wear the blooming floral motif look but might be unsure about too much floral, a wise way to go, is to wear ripped denim floral shorts with a floral white or black t-shirt

Ripped denim jeans are one thing, but when floral designs are crafted into the trim, and it's got the whole distressed, ripped thing going for it. You've ought to pull out floral t-shirts to complement this look. In truth, excellent summer style is all about having a blossoming bob to your look, and an appeal that screams "ready for cool, modern summer days"

Dapper Floral Print Denim Ripped Shorts And T-Shirt PILAEO

Dapper Floral Print Denim Ripped Shorts And T-Shirt PILAEO


Marvel On The Beach - In Chinos

Beige Traditional Eastern Design Mens Floral Shorts At PILAEO

Beige Traditional Eastern Floral Print Shorts Mens PILAEO

Beige Traditional Eastern Design Mens Floral Shorts At PILAEO

Donning In The Antique Gold Designed Floral Chino Shorts..And A White Polo Shirt

One truth about men's style is that nothing really speaks charmingly unless it's got a tad bit of gold in it. Throw in a design that's antique and your timeless. Summer fashion for men calls for a white polo t-shirt to wear with any gold-based patterned shorts. These gold antique men's floral shorts at PILAEO are lush with creativity and an absolutely attractive look

Luxury Gold Antique Floral Print Shorts And White Polo Shirt PILAEO

Luxury Gold Antique Floral Print Shorts And White Polo Shirt PILAEO

How To Wear Floral Shorts - Take A Cue From The Fashion Labels

Whether you are wearing chinos, board shorts, sweat shorts, or beach shorts, certain principles do remain constant. Getting colour-way, accessories, and fit right is key to making floral anything work in your favour.

Summer Pineapple Floral Print Mens Beach Shorts PILAEO

1. Balance The Floral Colors

Florals are usually quite colourful. Lets cut to the chase immediately and acknowledge that most men aren't quick to wear a floral-heavy outfit. Counteract the floral overdo with smart, but common sense pairings. 

For example Multi colour bold shorts means your top should be most likely a solid color white, or even black, or navy blue.

With the exception of shorts that have minimal pattern and print, such as denim shorts with the edge trimmed with floral print, it's wise to stay conservative with t-shirts, polos, and even muscle shirts. Wear these solely based on the style and color of shorts you're wearing.

2. Embrace T-Shirts 

What's summer style without a vibrant t-shirt. If you opt for plain denim jeans shorts, or ripped denim floral trimmed jeans shorts, t-shirts with a surprise splash of floral will leave you equipped enough for a summer of stardom


3. Focus On The Fit

As anyone savvy in style will tell you, fit is literally everything. A pineapple print floral design isn't exactly professional, but if the fit is tailored with the right proportions, it can be packed for that business meeting in Saint-Tropez or Miami. Beach shorts have a reputation for being oversized, and rightfully so. Wear beach or board shorts that give you enough room to do activities that are on the beach.

Wearing the right fit doesn't just mean altered pants. The right tailored fit of shorts will enhance your look. Focus on the fit of your shorts and they can be just as casual, or professional as you want them to be for the occasion.

Closing Point

Shorts are one of the iffy pieces of style. Especially when printed. However, Men can certainly wear printed and florals. Thankfully mastering the art of floral shorts will leave you ready for the style big leagues. Your wardrobe and confidence will take a 360 with the right pairings and fit. You might be wondering how you'll look in floral print shorts. Just know that the 'it' factor of men's style certainly comes with wearing floral during summer.

Modern style is the different style. Understand that it's all about expressing your own style and really experimenting, and breaking the mould of expectations of men's style. The modern aspect of colourful and vibrant gentleman's fashion is inspiring and truly one that will make you a fashion leader that commands a cool wardrobe that's stimulating, exciting, and savvy.