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The Best Shoe Leather Materials

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Table of contents:

  • The advantages of genuine leather shoes
  • Leather types for natural leather footwear
  • The bottom line

The 20th century discovered many artificial materials that are used in various spheres of human life, but the best shoes, like centuries ago, are made of skin. The production technique is being perfected, new types of boots appear, but well-known fashion designers and factories also choose natural skin to create high-quality shoes. What makes it unattainable for other materials? We parse the advantages of such shoes on the shelves.

The advantages of genuine leather shoes

Leffler shoe leather has certain benefits that we want to outline. Such advantages include:

Durability and reliability

Leather boots are durable and reliable. Skin could be a natural material that easily adapts to the leg, doesn't deform, withstands constant folds and stretching.


If we compare leather shoes with boots made of other common materials, then the primary one will last 2-4 times longer. the identical leatherette doesn't withstand temperature extremes and quickly bursts isn't adapted to "imperfect" weather, so boots fabricated from such material often must be changed.


Of course, artificial materials in shoes should be safe for the feet, but once we do not know what precisely the pair is created of, doubts remain. And when buying boots manufactured from genuine skin, we are sure that they'll not melt within the sun and can not release hazardous substances when interacting with outdoor reagents.

Easy care

Yes, yes, curiously enough, natural skin is simpler to worry about than artificial. Usually, we don't be sure of cheap leatherette boots, which is why they wear out even faster. Leather boots only must be cleaned from dirt and dried, sometimes using care products.


Natural material withstands the results of aggressive external environment well, it's adapted to slush, cold, and heat. The pores allow such boots to breathe. Natural ventilation removes excess moisture, normalizes the temperature, therefore the foot isn't cold in winter and not hot in summer. We are, of course, talking about shoes that are appropriate for the weather; you must not wear summer boots in the cold.

Comfort for the feet

Soft boots change under the foot of a specific person, stretching and pulling counting on the dimensions of the foot. Such properties of natural skin make it possible to provide mass models that fit each customer's feet as if they were made to order.

Ease of processing

Genuine skin is a perfect material for footwear, which is why both designer pairs and mass models are created from it. After processing, the fabric has a fair structure, easily changes shape, allows the designer to bring back life even extravagant ideas.


Shine, smoothness, or maybe a pile of various styles of leather - high-quality men's shoes with lifts are immediately visible. Natural material doesn't must be mixed with glue, it's even and homogeneous. With proper care, such shoes don't lose their original qualities and retain their attractive appearance for a protracted time.

Leather types for natural leather footwear 

different genuine leather shoes

Suede leather

This material is obtained through special material processing technologies. In this case, the raw material is usually the skins of medium-sized livestock. These boots are soft, velvety to the touch, fluffy surface, and waterproof. Suede does not withstand street dirt and winter reagents. Therefore, the best time to wear boots made of it is summer, late spring, dry autumn.

Grainy skin

For the first time, the production technology of such a material was used in Scotland. Hence another name for grained material - Scotch Grain. Among the important advantages of such a material, it is worth noting the increased strength and density. Definitely the best choice for casual men's boots for any time of the year.


It is a natural material that is obtained by exfoliating the skin. Raw materials are divided into several layers, each of which is further used in the manufacture of certain things and accessories. In particular, the third layer is used in the shoe industry. Externally, split leather resembles suede. However, unlike the latter, such boots have a softer and more fleecy surface.

Polished leather

This is a material with a shiny surface, which is obtained by covering the skin with a special varnish based on polyurethane resins. Men's patent leather shoes a priori look spectacular and expensive. However, such boots are best used not every day, but only on special occasions. This will significantly prolong their life. The fact is that patent leather has little resistance to repeated bending. In addition, such shoes are characterized by low air permeability and poorly withstand air temperatures below 0 degrees.


This is a skin type with a fine-fuzzy front surface, which is obtained by grinding with special fine-abrasive materials. The pile is very low, almost invisible to the eye. Distinctive advantages of such boots are their high strength and durability. Another feature of the material: it is able to pass air. This makes such men's boots comfortable to wear at any time of the year.

The bottom line

The main criterion for buying men's shoes is a reason. If you are looking for boots for everyday wear, you have several good options. These can be shoes made of grained leather, split leather, suede, or nubuck. Ideally, have several different models at your disposal in order to alternate them.

It is important that the boots for every day are as comfortable and comfortable as possible, because, most likely, you will have to walk in them from morning to evening. In this case, the choice of the appropriate style is yours. Classic men's boots will perfectly fit into a casual business look. And if you are planning an official reception with a strict dress code, you can add showiness to the ensemble with the help of patent leather shoes.

If the evening out is informal, suede or grained leather shoes are perfect for this occasion. Men's boots with a surface that imitates the skin of exotic animals will perfectly fit into a fashionable casual style. Such shoes a priori attract attention, so they are great for a party or a visit to a restaurant.

The Best Shoe Leather Materials