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The Best Men's Dressing Styles for 2019

Hardy Amis words, “A man should look like he bought his clothes wisely, put them on carefully and forgot about her absolutely”.

Contemporary era is of style and fashion. As if we look into the past few year’s trends, the style was considered in a narrow sense, means wearing pants, a T-shirt and any shoes form a style.

But now, the scenario has been totally changed. Style took a complex image and extensive concept that includes a list of things to look after before wearing like age, personal preferences, conformity with a way of life or profession, relevance, and functionality etc.

Now, let's take a look at the best men's dressing styles for 2019. So, let's begin!

Mens Dressing Style 2019

  1. Official / Business / Classic Dressing Style
  2. Sports Dressing Style
  3. Business Casual Dressing Style
  4. Casual Dressing Style
  5. Sports Casual Dressing Style
  6. Smart Casual Dressing Style
  7. Ethnic Dressing Style
  8. Military Dressing Style

Official / Business / Classic Dressing Style

Business dressing style for men

In this category, a white or light shirt, a jacket, perfectly ironed trousers, a stylish tie and polished to shine men's shoe all sets a benchmark in men’s personality.

Jacket and pants should have perfect fit as per your size and structure of your body. Many wear black suits, which is intended for special occasions, like dark blue and grey suits people more like to wear for business meetings.

Sports Dressing Style

Sports dressing styles for men

This is a favourite style of not only teenagers but of many accomplished men too. Sports lovers give more importance to convenience as compared to a variety of appearance.

Therefore, there is hard to find a guy whose wardrobe has no such sportswear. Remember, sports style is so versatile that with the right combination of things, it can even be worn to work.

Casual Dressing Style

Casual dressing style

Today, casual for men has become the usual or say everyday style for any moment like for school, work, at the party or even on a date. There are many people found confused with casual styling.

But actually, these vary from person to person. Now, the casual wardrobe is formed on the basis of temperament, hobbies, working conditions of its owner.

Some men prefer to wear bright pants, a shirt in a cage and tie a scarf around his neck to match. While the other who are fans of rock will rather wear a T-shirt screaming about something, faded jeans, chains etc. many time a person’s inheritance also affect its style.

Business Casual Dressing Style

Business casual dressing style for men

This style cannot be called absolutely business, because there are no such mandatory rules for your image in offices and there are no strict requirements for clothing.

The most common question - What does business casual mean? Its simple answer is everything that is convenient for you to wear in everyday life like sweaters, shirts, vests, jackets, trousers, and shoes.

But, your shoes need more attention to business casual. As this style is different from the official one so absence of a tie can be allowed, and the shirt may not necessarily be white. You can use shades and more bright colours.

Sports Casual Dressing Style

Sports casual dressing style for men

Sports casual involves the elements of sports and casual like sneakers, jeans, T-shirts. This style is ideal for young people who do not like excessive formality. You can even get dressed up for work too.

Putting Jeans, not so strict jacket on one button over a bright T-shirt, moccasins on legs and a gym bag with you can complete your look. 

Smart Casual Dressing Style

Smart casual dressing style

“Smart” means “elegant”, it is also close to business casual. This type of casual is characterized by refinement and accuracy. So many compare this style with office one.

But, if the jacket and pants should be sewn from the same fabric then it can create a smart combination, for instance, Denim and cotton are permissible. So, a shirt and jeans get a perfect combination. You can also wear a vest or jacket, and add it with elegant accessories     

Ethnic Dressing Style

Ethnic dressing style for men

It is not necessary to always wear the national costume and walk in it through the streets, in accordance with the ethnic style. However, this is not forbidden if you have such a desire for national holidays and on some traditional function.

To get this, you need to carefully inspect your wardrobe, and you will surely find clothes of this style in it. This style includes a knitted sweater with an ornament or a T-shirt with hieroglyphs brought from travelling to hot countries.

Ethnic clothes are more common in the spring-summer season. As in warmer seasons, such clothes look smart and spectacular, and they are comfortable enough. However, in winter you will feel warm and cozy in a stylish coat or sweater with ethnic patterns.

Military Dressing Style

Military dressing style

The modern military is not just copying military uniforms in civilian clothes as it involves borrowing strict cut lines, CBD tailor, and practical elements. 

Lovers and professionals of natural recreation, hunting and fishing are very close friends with this style. To deal with this style most recognise brand is camouflage design.

In this style, they use colours such as khaki, grey, grey-green, beige, brown, black, navy blue etc. In fabrics, they prefer to use dense and high-quality cotton, leather, cashmere. Some accessories like glasses, bandanas, scarves, big bags go well with this style.

Let's Sum Up

As we have discussed the most common and interesting styles that modern men use.

Every man wants to look attractive and expressive in his daily routine. So, there is no need to completely destroy your wardrobe and rush to the nearest bespoke suits Sydney.

You should think a little and decide what and how you will wear tomorrow and for what occasion. That's all!

The post by J.H. Cutler

The Best Men's Dressing Styles for 2019 #mens #dressing #style #mensfashion

The Best Men's Dressing Styles for 2019 #mens #dressing #style #mensfashion


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