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Sustainable Fashion Choices for Men

Sustainable Fashion Choices for Men

Fashion trends come and go leaving you confused and with a lot of unnecessary money spent. In this day and age looks are pretty important, so we should invest a little time to look nice and presentable.

You can do this and not spend an insane amount of money. The key to doing so is by buying clothes that will last you a long time and not get out of style. Here is a list of a few items that will help you to achieve this goal.


Sustainable Fashion Choices for Men

Leather is by far the most sustainable clothing material out there. Apart from having to occasionally rub it with some kind of cream suited for leather, it’s otherwise practically undestroyable.

The only downside to owning leather items is that they can get a little pricey, but when you actually think about your spending habits investing in a fine leather garment pays off in the long run.

Not only that but wearing leather is a timeless style move. Men wearing leather look super confident and manly. Almost everyone these days has a laptop. But not a good laptop case.

If you’re into that bad boy but classy kind of Johnny Depp look, a high-quality leather laptop case from I Medici will be the perfect fit for you.

Besides that, leather jackets, shoes, belts, and wallets are a must for a man. Just think about Bruce Willis in a leather jacket. Can’t get more manly than that.


Sustainable Fashion Choices for Men

Usually, when you go out on a shopping hunt for a shirt there is some kind of wedding or a fancy get together involved. Shirts are associated with a professional and formal look. But it’s not exactly like that.

Thanks to the era we live in every kind of garment can be combined to look casual. Blue shirts, for example, have been a favourite amongst many men. And blue chambray is simply a must-have in your closet.

As mentioned before it can be worn on any formal occasion and at the same time you can look effortlessly sexy wearing the same shirt to a pub.

Another timeless classic is, of course, the white shirt. You just can’t go wrong with that. Businessmen wear it, rock stars wear it, hipsters wear it, actors wear it. It’s just a simple, classic and cool look.

You can always incorporate it in your everyday style without it being boring. A chain around your neck or a fancy scarf, not to mention a blazer or a leather jacket as mentioned above can make you look super hot, trendy and you won’t have to waste a lot of money.


Sustainable Fashion Choices for Men

Blue jeans and a white shirt - James Dean anyone? These days all of the big chain stores sell jeans. But sadly most of those places don’t sell real denim. And that's why you have to buy yourself a new pair of jeans every few months.

So the best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in some kind of high-quality real denim jeans. You can distinguish real denim just by touching it. It’s usually kind of rough on the fingers at first. So if you feel it chances are high you found the right ones.

You can never have enough pockets, and if you’re on the go or just going to the store cargo pants are the real deal. There are many cargo style pants varying in color from military and olive green to khaki and black.

They are really comfortable and can give you the perfect casual look. Also if you’re up for some fishing with the guys they will secure you have everything you have right in your pockets.


Sustainable Fashion Choices for Men

Obsessing overshoe is a trait usually labelled on women, but every man also needs a good pair. And not just one pair. Every occasion requires some kind of different footwear so logically formal meetings, weddings, etc demand dress shoes.

And always remember to pair the colour of your dress shoes with your belt! So if your shoes are brown your belt must be brown.

Those are just the rules. It is often advised to invest in a good pair of leather dress shoes. One way or another you’ll have to attend some formal occasion so why not secure yourself with nice and comfortable shoes?

As for the everyday look, most people wear sneakers nowadays. It’s become a normal thing although you can still hear some older people complaining about how it looks like you’ve come out of the gym or something like that.

You shouldn't listen to those remarks at all. The most important thing is to have comfortable sneakers when you are on the go.

You are most probably going to walk a lot or stand a lot. So do yourself a favor and find sneakers with soft midsoles which are usually sewed into running shoes. And they must be breathable, especially in the summer. 

Sustainable Fashion Choices for Men