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Startup Ideas for Aspiring Fashion Moguls

Startup Ideas for Aspiring Fashion Moguls

Credit: PublicCo via Pixabay

You’ve got a creative side that you love to express through the outfits you put together.Most likely, you’ve already thought about selling clothes or accessories. The good news is, starting a clothing business has never been easier.

Online retailing, crowdfunding, video conferencing and social media platforms have levelled the playing field. Now anyone can access solutions that are just as effective as the ones used by Fortune 500 companies to conduct market research, engage with customers, source materials, market, distribute and selltheir products and services.

If you’re ready to start a journey of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry, here are a few relatively easy ideas with low barriers to entry.

Sell Custom Tees

Do you come up with clever slogans you’d want to see on a t-shirt? Or designs or logos that would look amazing with a pair of jeans and clean kicks?

One of the best ways to make a bold fashion statement is with the always-in-stylet-shirt. And selling t-shirts isa relatively easy way to make a splash in the fashion industry. Withcustom t-shirt printing, allyou need is a design or an idea for one.

The right print house will have all kinds of quality apparel (t-shirts, hats sweaters, etc.), giving you a one-stop shop for materials, inventory and printing. Some even have in-house graphic designers if all you have is a design concept.

Open an Alteration Business

If you have dreams of eventually designing a lifestyle brand, you’ll need to be an expert at measuring, cutting, stitching, sewing, etc. While tailoring custom-fit clothes takes years of honing your skills at the craft, simple alterations can be done with little experience – or overhead.

It’s also a business that can be done part-time and a service that’s always in demand. There is one catch, however. There are a lot of businesses out there offering alteration services for those same reasons.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? Your digital marketing skills have to be as on-point as your needlework.

Chances are you already know your way around social media. The idea is to figure out which platforms make sense for your brand. And for more advanced social media marketers, diving into analytics will help you optimize sales and engagement.

But the biggest play for an alteration service islocal SEO so that your website is near the top of the list when someone Googles “alterations near me”. Here’s a great resource to help you get started.

Already Thrifting? Go Pro

Your keen eye and talent for putting together stylish looks will distinguish your online clothing store from all the rest.

There’s plenty of stock at thrift stores, stock that would otherwise end up in landfills.(It is recommendedthat you donate your own gently-used clothes if you thrift, to contribute back to the supply.)And the income from clothes bought at non-profits like Goodwillare used to fund community programs.

But like alteration businesses (and almost every other business for that matter), success depends on your digital marketing in a big way. Here though, there’s more of an emphasis on using social media to showcase your collections and drive sales.

Don’t Forget the Bottom Line

No matter what you sell, to ensure your business isn’t losing money, you need to know what your cost per unit is. This will include all your expenses like rent, gas, insurance, your time, advertising etc. Then set your prices based on where you want to be in the market while keeping in mind that your business depends on profits to grow.