Plugs and Tunnels: Current Trends
April 16, 2022

Plugs and Tunnels: Current Trends

Men’s jewelry may not have the same popularity or prevalence as jewelry for women. However, the male community that has taken to wearing plugs and tunnels has its trends and advancements. The trends are driven by seasons, the introduction of new materials, unique styles, and expression through creativity. 

For the fearless man who wants to stand out and make a strong statement expressing his unique sense of style, here are some of the trends to keep an eye on. 

The material trends

Materials not only drive innovation but redefine what is possible while introducing something new to the market. Materials that have gained prominence in recent times include:

  • Abalone

Abalone shells are some of the most iridescent and beautifully patterned creations of nature. Not to be confused with mother of pearl, abalone is a vision of vivid color patterns that seem to transition from one shade with every look. 

  • Obsidian

The black shiny glass-like rocks produced from specific volcanoes are not only a marvel of nature but also a great material for making plugs and tunnels. It is often black in color but can occur in other shades that include blue, yellow, dark green, dark brown, plus a variety of other darker colors. 

  • Enamel

The material coating your teeth can also be made artificially by heating powdered glass at very high temperatures. Just like your teeth, the material is smooth, scratch-resistant, and durable. It makes for shiny, but also stunning plugs and tunnels that are reminiscent of pearls. 

  • Wood

Not only are wooden plugs and tunnels light and easy to customize, but they are also fully organic, making them a great choice for the eco-conscious, bold Gen Z, Gen X, and Millenial crowd most likely to wear plugs and tunnels. Some of them are made out of reclaimed wood, creating a niche for eco-friendly businesses and customers. 

  • Stone

Stone plugs come in ordinary (but interesting), semi-precious and precious varieties. They are as organic as it gets and for a few years, you can borrow them from nature to be your ornamentation. 


The stylistic trends are iterations of what the plugs and tunnels look like. In recent times, we have seen styles such as:

  1. The spiral gauge- The spiral gauge is an interesting take on the normal shapes we often have. It is designed to draw attention while remaining understated if you aren’t looking for it. The style comes in flat double flare spirals or convex plugs. 
  2. Saddle- The saddle is exactly what it sounds like and can either be a simple but unique look or come adorned with additional features like intricate patterns and carvings to give it more pizzazz. 
  3. Ear hanger- For a long time, the convention has been a regular O-ring and gauge tapers. But, we are seeing a pivot to hangers instead. They stand out because of their general design, which can be further enhanced with colour, attractive materials and more. 
  4. Pincher- Pinchers look like horseshoes and have an o-ring on each side of the piercing. Think of them as a blend of captive rings and circular barbells. 

Final thoughts

The stunning creativity plug and tunnels artists imbue these creations with is what makes them trendy and representative of our current times. Try experimenting with both the understated and unmissable looks, combining outfits and other beautification choices to create unique and personalized styles. 

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