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June 29, 2018

New Belt Revolutionizes Men’s Fashion Worldwide

Kore Essentials has introduced a revolutionary new kind of belt buckle for men – the Track Belt – and it’s changing the way men dress forever. 

San Diego, California, USA, December 1, 2017 - Kore Essentials has designed and patented a unique new kind of belt for men and it’s becoming very popular among American men. Some guys refer to it as a ratchet belt, automatic belt, no-holes, or hole-less belt – but it’s best known as a track belt.  

What is a track belt? It’s a unique, new belt with NO belt holes. Instead, the Kore belt uses a hidden track to make it almost ten times more adjustable than a regular, traditional belt with holes.  

Kore Belt

How does it work? The hidden, unbreakable track is sewn into the back of the belt strap, out of sight, and features over 40 sizing points to adjust with. These small sizing points are spaced only ¼” (6 mm) apart to give you a perfect, precise fit every time you put the belt on. As a matter of fact, most guys who try a track belt say they no longer want to wear their old traditional belts with holes. 

“The track belt is a big improvement in men’s belts, because these track belts fit your waist very precisely, they’re more comfortable and they’re fun to use,” says John Cooper a company partner.

“When you think about it, regular men’s belts with holes don’t work very well because belt holes stretch the leather, make creases and never fit to your waist correctly. But a track belt changes that. It’s really the best fitting belt you’ll ever own and the track doesn’t stretch or mark the belt up. So even after you’ve worn the belt for the year, every day, it still looks like new. We have several types of track belts, including men’s fashion belts and gun belts. The gun belts are stiffer, for concealed carry holsters with firearms or pistols. We sell the belts directly online from our website to customers worldwide, every day. That means we ship our Kore track belts to many, many countries, worldwide, every day.” 

Visit Kore track belts – http://www.KoreEssentials.com 

The problem with traditional men’s belts is that they use 5-7 holes that are about 1 inch (25 mm) apart or more. This means they usually fit too loose, or too tight for your waist.

Kore belts

But Kore ratchet belts are superior because the hidden, unbreakable track provides over 40 size points (¼” / 6 mm apart) for you to choose from. This means as you work, walk, eat, exercise – and your waist size changes a little, in or out, you can adjust your track belt to match your waist exactly. It’s a small, simple innovation, but it means a track belt not only fits a lot better, but it looks better and will last longer. 

To adjust or release your track belt, you merely pinch the tab hidden beneath the belt buckle. This lets you change your belt size, in or out, in seconds. It’s an amazing, yet simple system that men everywhere appreciate. Once you try the track - you won’t want to go back.  

Click to see Kore track belts – http://www.KoreEssentials.com 

Kore ratchet style belt buckles use a patented, spring-loaded design that’s stylish, durable and easy to use. Kore Essentials refers to this design as their Trakline technology.

Belt buckles are made of either solid stainless steel or high-grade zinc alloy. Belts include a variety of styles (stitched or smooth), colours and high-quality leather (Full-Grain leather, Top-Grain leather, or Webbed Nylon belts) for work, dress or casual wear.

Men can choose between fashion belts, or their more rigid, reinforced gun belts, for those who are permitted for concealed carry firearms or pistols. These belts are referred to as EDC belts (every day carry), CCW (concealed carry weapon), tactical belts, or just gun belts. All Kore Essential products carry a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the product, and 1-year warranty against all defects, premature wear, or breakage.  

Kore Essentials ships their unique track belts and other accessories Worldwide to every major country, including; United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, and many other countries.

Belts are packaged in small, unmarked, brown boxes (7 x 7 x 2 inches) and shipped USPS First Class. Orders ship within 1-2 business days and usually take between 3-5 days delivery time for all USA destinations, with tracking provided and priority shipping available for an additional fee. See the product shipping information for more details and costs. 

Visit Kore Essentials online - https://www.koreessentials.com

About Kore Essentials Inc:

Kore Essentials was launched in 2013 on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter and became the #1 fashion accessory for men, and we still are today with over 7 successful men’s products funded.

Since that time, they have continued to innovate, manufacture and market men's track belts, slim wallets and other men's accessories, in an effort to create something better. Kore Essentials is located near the Pacific Ocean in sunny San Diego, California, USA. 


Kore belt

Kore belts

Kore belt

Kore belt