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Motorcycle Jacket Sizing - Find Your Motorcycle Jacket Fit

When it comes to picking a quality motorcycle jacket, comfort should be your first consideration. And, the motorcycle jacket fitment determines whether it is comfortable or not.

Never assume like some of the people who consider it an easy task like picking one from the small, medium, or large size. That will give you a jacket which might not be the most comfortable one for you.

Being uncomfortable means a lot to a motor biker, which may even reduce his riding capacity. So, you must ensure the right fitting while buying. Neither should it be too loose nor too tight, confirm it is a snug-fit, instead.

You should further ensure that your jacket fits accurately not in the standing-up position, but also the riding position. You may find it well-fit while standing, but too tight when riding. So wear the jacket and try it by mimicking your riding position to ensure a comfortable fit at both conditions.

But first of all, measure your body that will help you find the most accurate-size jacket, especially when buying online.

How to Measure Your Body?

Getting most comfort out of a jacket depends on its fitment with your body. So, accurately measuring your body is essential. You can do it by yourself or take assistance from one of your friends for the best result.

Take a soft tape measure. Ask your friend to measure around your chest. He should keep the tape level across the back. Do not breathe deep as it may frustrate the measurement.

Breathe casually instead. You might want to add an extra with the received measurement considering the use of a back protector. It is not necessary as the back protectors have almost no effect on the fit that you need to up your size.

Now, start measuring the arm. Tell your friend to begin from the shoulder, and end at wrist via elbow. In another way, you can start the measurement from your spine, and stop at the wrist via shoulder and elbow.

Some of the racing motorcycle jackets require to be worn with long-size gauntlet gloves, and they might come with shorter sleeves. The arm measurement shall be complied with while buying in that case.

Finally, run the tape measure around the torso to get your waist measurement. The tape should be placed at one inch above across the belly button.

Remember, this measurement doesn’t similar to your pant size measurement, so don’t get confused. Although waist measurement is of less importance, and some jackets come with an adjustable waist feature, you should run it for the best result.

Match Your Body Measurement with the Motorcycle Jacket Size Chart

Take a quick look at the motorcycle jacket sizing chart and check which one matches your body measurements. There are two different types of sizing - Numeric (40, 42, 44) and Alpha (MD, SD). You can follow any of them, which you seem easy to understand.

Check the products from the retailer page and get the most accurate one for you according to your size. It is essential to check the fitment notes written on the manufacturer or retailer jacket page.

Give a Try

As said in the introduction, a motorcycle jacket should be tried before purchasing to ensure if it is the right fit for both standing-up and riding positions. If you directly buy from a shop, you can try it on the spot.

But when it comes to buying from online, you have to do the process later. As most of the retailers do have a refund or replacement policy, you can try after purchasing, and replace if not feel good-fit.

What if Your Measurement is in Between Two Sizes?

Deciding on which one to choose at such a condition might be confusing for you, especially if you are not habituated to buying or using motorcycle jackets. But the solution is pretty simple- pick the larger size always.

It is just opposite to the helmet fitting, where you should always choose the smaller one if you have a measurement between two sizes.

Last Words

A motorcycle jacket might not give you the safety that a motorcycle helmet can provide. But as a rider, you always need a quality jacket for a good number of benefits out of it as you need an eyewear, and that should be comfortable enough.

As the right fitment is the key for optimum comfort, you should never compromise even that cost some more bucks from your bank.

ind Your Motorcycle Jacket Fit