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Motorcycle Fashion: A Definitive Guide

Your riding on a motorbike remains incomplete without proper motorcycle clothing and gears. You may have the best motorcycle, which has no technical difficulties to start your day.

Still, you are in unsafe conditions without proper clothing and gears. You may experience any mishap at any time through your motorcycle is just the thing for your riding.

To protect you from any unwanted injuries while an accident (May God save you from accidents.), you must have true motorcycle fashion, including clothing and gears as well.

You should focus on everything related to your safety, including jacket, helmet, gloves, boots, and the like. You can pick the right one from BikersRights.

According to me, they enlisted the best gears for the bikers to choose from them. If you are completely okay with your safety measures, it is time for you to start your journey.

You know that a pure accident can cause great damage to you. As a result, you may have to spend several days even moths lying on your bed. So, it will be prudent if you wear appropriate safety clothing and gears before you set up to ride on your favourite bike.

However, you need careful research to find out the right clothing and equipment for your motorcycle. But as you are here now, you don’t need to spend so much time researching.

On behalf of you, we have done the tiring, time-consuming research for you. Yes, this article will lead you to make the best decision to pick the perfect clothing and gear for riding.

A Helmet saves your head

Your head remains more vulnerable than other body parts while riding on a motorcycle. In an emergency moment, you can use your hands and feet to minimize the shock though it is tough.

On the other hand, falling from your bike can hurt your head badly if you do not wear a helmet. In these circumstances, a helmet comes into the play to provide you with the safety of your head.

You need a helmet, but it should fulfill some essential criteria. Otherwise, you will end up picking up the wrong helmet for you. This type of helmet can do more harm than protect your head. Weight, build, fit, eye protection are the features, your helmet should have.

Sturdy but not heavy

The helmet you are going to purchase should be sturdy enough to save your head from any unwanted injuries. But it does not mean that it should be more burdensome barely. If it is heavier, it will increase the chances of a broken neck.

Evenly shock distributive

Along with sturdy, your helmet should have the ability to absorb the shock and distribute it throughout the helmet. The outer shell of the helmet must be strong enough so that it does not break. Make sure your helmet’s inner side is padded with a soft cushion to prevent it from wobbling around your head.

It should be eye-protective

Some helmet companies make helmets with a visor, which helps you to see through clearly. On the contrary, other manufacturers in the market build helmets without a visor. Don’t worry. If you see there is no visor in the feature of your helmet, you can wear goggles or safety glasses for your eyes.


Wanna protect your hands from severe injuries at the time of an accident? You are not alone. Everybody wants to save their hands, including you. Gloves are the only option to provide your hands with proper safety.

As a biker, you already know that you use your hands to protect you from falling on the ground. If you want to do so with your bare hands, your hands may have a severe injury.

Conversely, high-quality gloves can save your essential body part from accidents. Like helmets, you have to be careful about choosing the best gloves for your hands’ safety.

It should be a good fit in your hands so that you can hold the handles of your bike to ride. There are several kinds of gloves out there in the market, depending on the weather as well. Leather-Palmed gloves should be better for warm weather while waterproof and insulated gloves are suitable in cold weather. 


The importance of boots should not be ignored. A real biker knows that boots play a pivotal role while riding on a motorcycle. A study shows that while an accident, The lower part of the leg is more damaged. So, boots are crucial motorcycle equipment you must have.

Make sure your boots are sturdy enough to provide your legs with the best support. You have to keep an eye while buying boots on their soles and stitches. The thickness of the boots should be up to the mark to prevent your legs from the vibration of your bike and damage from accidents.

It is not recommended, but you can purchase boots having steel toe caps. They provide more safety to your legs from injuries. Sometimes, boots having steel toe caps may be heavier for a biker. Your shoes need to be not only thick but also lightweight.

Jackets and trousers

As a biker, I always prefer a thick and waterproof leather jacket. It provides warmth within cold weather and saves from sudden rainfall. Instead of a button, I love to have a zipper in my jacket. But make sure that the zipper does not keep in contact with your skin. If so, it can also harm your skin at the time of an accident.

You should also look closely at the stitches of your jacket. Wear the jacket which fits your body well and has body armors at the elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips.

Final Verdict

Motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than that of other vehicles on the road. While riding on a bike, make sure you have proper safety clothing as well as pieces of equipment, including boots, helmet, gloves, and the like to avoid likely injuries while occurring an accident. Also, make sure you try everything before you buy it.

Motorcycle Fashion: A Definitive Guide