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Men's Wardrobes Guide

A man’s wardrobe is a major part of his life. It affects a certain portion of his daily life at home, in the office and with friends. Truly, clothes have become something else other than just plain fibres sewn together.

They reflect your personality, guide people’s judgments and boost your self-confidence. This is enough reason to put importance on your wardrobe. 

Where do you start?

  • Prioritize Your Needs 

Yes the rule applies, “your needs are more important than your wants.”, and you would like to prioritize them. What do you usually wear during workdays?

It’s probably best if you fill your wardrobe with long sleeves, suits and pants that would make you look more presentable to your co-workers and clients.

Chip some hassle off your mornings by supplying enough clothes for you to wear on workdays. This way you wouldn’t have to take an hour off your day to decide which top could you pair with a few of your available pants just to avoid looking like you haven’t taken a shower. You know… when you only have limited work clothes, you’ll really look like you’re just recycling your tops. 

  • Get Enough Dress Shirts  

Dress shirts are very flexible. You can wear them anywhere! Plain shirts that fit you well are the way to go. Their simplicity gives them this classy look. By the way, they’re cheaper too. See what Nimble Made has to say about them --- they’re experts when it comes to dress shirts. 

  • Level Up Your Shoe Game

Your shoes are the foundation of your look. Attend a meeting with bulky running shoes and your style could be the talk of the town or most probably a fashion scandal in the breakroom. 

Have a pair of shoes for sports or your daily jog, work (leathers), and casual occasions. If you’re short on the budget, look for shoes that can serve a dual purpose like Loom smart shoes. Loom Footwear is a proud manufacturer of the high quality vegan waterproof shoes that serve you for different purposes. These shoes are your daily wear shoes including gym, office, travel, hiking and more. Whether it’s about dancing in the rain or walking on the tough terrains, Loom waterproof shoes will be your perfect partner.

Let’s say, maybe black low-cut rubber shoes that aren’t too ornamental, the types of shoes you can wear for running and for casual outings with friends. On the other hand, comfy loafers with rubber soles are best for work and for weekends with the family. 

  • Don’t Forget About Accessories

It’s okay to go out with just plain clothes and no bling-blings. Actually, being a simple lad is great. However, there would be times and these times sometimes are unavoidable.

Your friend could surprise you with an invitation to a grand ball, and to tell you, maybe you’d want to feel more extravagant, classy or luxurious even for once in your life.

Have a gold or silver necklace for special occasions. A single leather watch would do for any season too. A gentleman should always be ready. You know, always in the game, thinking ahead. 

  • Organize! Organize! Organize!

It’s not all about what’s in your wardrobe. Don’t call yourself a man if you can’t organize your clothes. It may be a little exaggerated, but anyone who’d see your messy wardrobe would think you also have a messy life.

You need others’ judgments too at times. You need to organize your wardrobe to save you time and effort. However, if you don’t have an updated standing or walk-in closet, it should be time to upgrade.

This way, you’ll have more space and have more manageability over how you would like your outfits to be organized. Let wardrobes experts guide you through this process.

Now you can enjoy having an organized wardrobe that can save you time and effort! Plus, you can enjoy the extra good looks. 

Men's Wardrobes Guide