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Men's’ Style Tips for Workouts

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Whether you work out outdoors or at the gym, as a man you want to look your best. When you look good it’s going to leave you feeling more mentally prepared for your workout.

Plus, if you’re going from a workout to a casual lunch or to run errands on the weekend, you’ll be ready to go.

Men’s style tips for workouts should include safety and functionality in addition to aesthetics. For example, if you’re primarily exercising outdoors, you want to make sure you wear clothing that can be seen, or a reflector when walking at night or running at night.

You also want to make sure you’re dressing appropriately for the weather, especially as we head into winter. Ideally in winter, you want to layer your clothes, and as you sweat you can take off items accordingly.

The following are more specific fashion tips for men when they work out.

Start with Your Bag

Your gym bag is one of the most important aspects of your look overall, plus it’s functional. A great gym bag allows you to go from the gym directly to whatever other plans you may have.

Choose a simple, versatile color that will work with everything. A clean and classic design is always a good idea, and you want a bag that’s easy to clean as well.

Choose Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

When you’re choosing workout clothes, you want fabrics that are breathable and also help wick the moisture away from your body.

Performance fabric is often a combination of a Lycra blend and polyester. While these clothing items tend to be more expensive than non-performance fabrics, you’ll likely find the added comfort and function is worth it.

The following are some other fabric options often used to make men’s activewear:

  • Spandex: This fabric is a good option for workout clothes, not just for women but also for men because it lets you move easily without restrictions or bulky fabrics getting in your way.
  • Nylon: Nylon is resistant, and it can be treated with materials that will wick away moisture.
  • Bamboo: This is a sustainable natural fabric that’s also cool and soft to the skin. Bamboo clothing is also eco friendly, which is another plus.
  • Wool: Wool is breathable and absorbs moisture. It can regulate your temperature, so you might consider it if you exercise outdoors in the winter.

Choose Tees Over Tanks

Some men prefer working out in tanks, but tees tend to look better from a style perspective. Tanks can be loose, baggy, and too revealing. Tees on the other hand can have a good fit and look more pulled together.

Plus, a tee is more versatile than a tank if you have plans after your workout.

Good Fit Is Essential

You want your clothes to fit you well because they’re going to look good. You’ll look pulled together instead of sloppy. If you wear clothes that are too baggy and loose it will make you look larger than you really are.

Choose the right size and fit for all your workout clothes.

You also have to think about how you move. If your clothes are too baggy, it can end up making it tougher to move the way you want to, because the fabric will get in your way.

Consider Compression Tights

Compression tights are in style right now, and they can also keep things covered if you’re wearing gym shorts on top.


When the weather gets cold, which we’re close to right now, you want to stay warm when you head in or out of the gym. You’ll also need to think about outerwear if you’re going to be exercising outdoors.

You want the thinnest, best-fitting jacket that’s also going to give you the level of warmth you need.

You can also opt for a vest if you live somewhere with a fairly mild climate.

Like your bag, choose outerwear in classic colors.

Don’t choose outerwear that’s too bulky, because it can distort the lines of your body and make your legs look much smaller than your upper body.

Wear the Right Shoes

Finally, you want to make sure you’re wearing the right shoes for the type of workout you’re planning to do on any given day.

Your shoes need to provide you with balance and support, as well as comfort.

Choose training shoes as opposed to running shoes.

If you’re primarily going to be doing weight-lifting, you need flat-soled shoes with a firm base.

If you have great shoes, it can help you stay safe in addition to completing your workout look.

Men's’ Style Tips for Workouts