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Men's Fashion Guide: Practical Tips To Stay Stylish

Men's fashion has radically improved over the past few years. With men caring less and less about what society deems as suitable men's attire, men's fashion has become more about personality and expression rather than culture.

Men's style today is a far cry from traditional fedora hats, untailored suits, and bow ties. However, that is not to say that men's attire today is void of inspiration from the past. Many trends that men follow today are a modernized version of historical men's fashion.

Here are five practical tips for men to stay stylish.

Fitted Clothing

One major fashion mistake that most men are guilty of is wearing oversized clothing. Baggy clothing may be a personal preference or part of the garment design, e.g., men's joggers; however, it is essential to note that men's clothing is designed with a man's physique in mind.

Therefore garment designers often use more fabric in menswear to account for this. You'll notice that a men's XL t-shirt is considerably larger than a women's XL t-shirt.

Oversized clothing is unflattering. It can often make you look shorter or skinnier than you are. Another disadvantage of baggy clothing is that it has a lazy appeal and gives people the impression that you don't care about your appearance.

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Aside from the massive contribution that you'll make to reducing land pollution and the environmental impact of clothing landfills, focusing on quality over quantity is an excellent way to save money.

Low-quality clothing has a very limited lifecycle and therefore requires constant replacement. This can weigh heavy on your finances and can cause unnecessary stress. Avoiding low-quality clothes will ensure alignment with your sophisticated style.

Wearing worn-out or ripped clothes can give people a wrong impression of you and may portray an image that you do not take care of yourself.

Get The Essentials

Style is not about the number of clothes or shoes that one has. It is about strategically wearing what you have and making it look good. It is better to have one pair or each item than multiples of the same thing - this way, there is diversity in your closet.

With essential items like a standard pair of black shoes, a pair of trainers or sneakers, blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a quality leather jacket, you can create both a formal and casual outfit.

Getting the essentials allows you to dress appropriately in every setting.


Accessories can make an outfit. More importantly, the type of accessories you wear will determine whether you are genuinely stylish or a trend follower.

It is important to note that accessories serve more than just aesthetics. They are there to compliment your outfit by making it more practical.

Practical accessories are items like a wristwatch, sunglasses, hats, side bags, and wallets. 

Wear Fewer Patterns

Patterns are an excellent way of adding color or vibrance to an outfit. However, wearing many patterns can often cause a mismatched and over-the-top illusion that is soring to the eye.

Plaid patterned clothing usually looks great when worn with neutral colors. That helps to accentuate the garment without other patterns getting in the way.

Men's fashion has indeed come a long way, and its prevalence is only expected to increase. However, it's imperative to note that the core of the rising interest in men's fashion is in freedom and expression, not following trends or copying women's fashion. Therefore always ensure that your style is indicative of your personality.

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