5 Best Looks From Sandro's Instagram Account #fallfashion #winter #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle
June 24, 2024

Men's Fall Outfits To Try In 2024

Fall genuinely is one of the best seasons to style yourself. It is a season of such rich colors and such great fashion that it isn’t difficult to find inspiration for your looks during this time.

Especially because of the sheer range of warm and cool tones that can be styled during this season, fall becomes the perfect time to flaunt your fashion ideal.

From footwear to caps, fall is the time for some unconventional and flamboyant fashion choices, especially the ones that establish your personal taste in fashion. You can experiment with colors, layers, silhouettes and fits, and most of these pieces could become a staple in your wardrobe.

So, with fall, the trick is to go pieces that are timeless as well as experimental. That might seem like a bit of a task, especially if you are just getting started with dressing according to the seasons.

So, take a look at these five outfits that we have curated for you to take inspiration from.

  • Outfit Style - Casual, Street Style
  • Our Most Favourite Look - Navy Pants + Navy Blazer + White Shirt
  • Occasion - Fall/Winter Street Style
  • Featured - Sandro
  • Budget - Medium to high. As some jackets featured here can be super expensive. 
  • Age Group - 20 to 40 years 
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Best Fall Street Style Looks 2024

5 Best Looks From Sandro's Instagram Account #fallfashion #winter #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Outfit 1 

We are going a classic color combination for this first outfit. The colors are both earthy and moody, while the cream sweatshirt adds a gentle lightness to the whole outfit. The base of this look is this sweatshirt, which will help you orient this outfit however you want by making it really versatile because of the color. So, you can style it with many different kinds of trousers.

These olive cargos work really well with it because of the contrast that they provide. Style this look with some beige or brown sneakers, since those earth tones go well with both olive green and cream white. You can also add a pair of dark shades to complete the look.

5 Best Looks From Sandro's Instagram Account #fallfashion #winter #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Outfit 2

Another great combination for a fall outfit, especially if you want to go for something street-style is an all-black look. These looks are always quite easy to style, because you do not have to think of mixing the right colors. Start with a simple black tee for the base, and a pair of black trousers, which can have a more relaxed fit if you want the look to be a little sporty.

Go for a pair of black sneakers with some white contrasting laces. The star of this look is the varsity jacket, which would add a lot of impact with its white stripes. You can also add a suede bag for more functionality.

5 Best Looks From Sandro's Instagram Account #fallfashion #winter #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Outfit 3

You can also style a really effective street style look with a denim jacket. For a colder fall, consider a denim jacket like the one here, with a thicker underlayer, like the fleece in this jacket. Because of the softness of fleece, the jacket will be quite comfortable but it also will not be too heavy for a street style look.

The colors here are all classics – from the blue of the denim jacket to the white of the tee to the black of the trousers. Complete this look with a pair of brown shoes.

5 Best Looks From Sandro's Instagram Account #fallfashion #winter #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Outfit 4

You can also consider a corduroy jacket. Corduroy jackets are also great if you want a sharper silhouette and they will help add a great touch of contrast for an otherwise single-color look.

Since the rest of the look here is in black, except for the brown shoes, the orange-brown corduroy jacket makes for a great addition of color, also because of the addition of the white fleece on the collar of the jacket which adds another color. Plus, this is the kind of color that we are most likely to associate with fall. Complete the look with a fedora hat.

5 Best Looks From Sandro's Instagram Account #fallfashion #winter #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

Outfit 5

For the final look of this list, we have a turtleneck pullover in a shade of grey, a pair of black trousers, black shoes and a field jacket in army green. This is a great combination, and it is slightly moodier than the other combinations here. You can also very easily wear this look during winters.

The charm of this look is in its color combinations, so make sure you stick a palette where the colors complement each other. And keep the accessories to a minimal to keep the look neat and sharp.

5 Best Looks From Sandro's Instagram Account #fallfashion #winter #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

5 Best Looks From Sandro's Instagram Account #fallfashion #winter #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle

5 Best Looks From Sandro's Instagram Account #fallfashion #winter #outfits #mensfashion #streetstyle