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Men’s Outfit Guide: Essential Style Tips For Guys Who Want to Dress Better

No matter the occasion, every single man should strive to look his best at any given moment. Let's face it, nobody is born in a perfectly designed and tailored suit, or for that matter with some magical innate ability to dress smart.

Before you head out to the nearest clothes store to buy new garments in bulk know that there is no doubt about what works well for one person doesn't always work well for another.

However, there are a few exceptions, plus you can easily be thought how to find and build your own, unique and representative style. Here is a complete guide on how to upscale your outlook and start dressing more posh and adequate.

Always go for a top-notch suit

If you are obliged to wear a suit at work at all times, you need to invest a lot of time and effort into finding a suit that will fit you perfectly. The first advice to looking good in a suit is looking fit and in shape.

Find a suit that fits appropriately across the shoulders because you can easily alter the chest and waist, but not the shoulders. When it comes to style, patterns, and colour, classic is the best and most useful choice at all times.

In order to dress better and look like a novelty, go for quality dark, two-button, single-breasted, and moderate suit with few details. If you wish to impress the people around you, you can go bold with patterns, but stick with timeless, neutral colours.

Choose accessories wisely

As you aim to upscale your entire outlook, you need to keep your accessories to a minimum and choose the ones you are going to wear smartly. To find the best accessories for men you might want to read some blogs to find out what piece of jewelry or ties, napkins or pocket squares fit your taste batter.

If in doubt, you will enliven your look by wearing a tie or pocket square in a darker shade than your jacket and just matching it with a quality Swiss watch. Less is always more. Have a couple of everlasting cufflinks in your collection and a stylish platinum ring to match with one clothing element of your choice.

Opt for an everlasting look

Jeans are always in. The simplest change you can make to upgrade your outlook is to wear dark, raw denim. Adaptable all-year-round and the fact that you can wear them with anything make jeans a must piece of gourmet in your wardrobe.

Probably the best thins is that you can pair them with a classic and timeless white long-sleeved shirt and sophisticated loafers, Oxford shoes or brogues. When it comes to shoes, never dwell about getting the most expensive and quality pair of shoes

Identify your preferable style

Once you realize that dressing well is a skill, you will be able to recognize which style fits you better at any given moment. Casual wear can look utterly extravagant if you aim to wear fitted clothes.

Getting the right fit will solve 90% of your style problems. Never go for ‘large' fit just because it feels comfortable. With time you will learn what style suits you best, but another helpful advice is to be surrounded by stylish and posh people, even if it is solely on social networks.

Don’t get entangled into “trendy’ clothes

Very often you simply cannot avoid the trends. Trendy clothes are like some sensational scandal which you simply cannot avoid hearing. Try to stay away from trendy clothes, or you will end up buying clothes that you won't have the time or desire to wear.

Classic styles will never go out of fashion. Therefore, stay out of logos, graphics, prints, and mixed patterns. Stick with solid, neutral colours for shirts like white, black, khaki, navy and grey, and latter swap one clothing item with a brighter shade. 

With time you will develop an ‘eye' for the details and be able to identify the style that will make you stand out from all the rest. Buy the best clothes you can for your budget and stay confident.

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