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Men’s Jacket Trends for Fall and Winter 2022

Men’s Jacket Trends for Fall and Winter 2022

While it might feel that we are in the dog days of summer right now, the truth is that temperatures are already starting to dip. Before you know it, you will feel a cool chill in the air, and you will be reaching for a jacket to throw on top of your perfectly curated outfit. But — which jacket will you choose?

Jacket trends shift from year to year, and if you stick closely to the fashion of the moment, you likely need to refresh your closet with options in the following styles:

Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa fabric closely resembles the wooly clothing created and worn by the Sherpa people of Nepal, for whom the textile is named. However, modern sherpa clothing is most often made from pure cotton or a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, like polyester. Sherpa is lightweight and less bulky than comparably insulating materials; plus, sherpa wicks away moisture, making it an excellent option during the fall, when temperatures can rise and fall unexpectedly. Because fluffy textures are very much in, you can expect your sherpa jacket to remain on trend for several seasons to come.


Another jacket derived from indigenous populations, the anorak is a hooded jacket created and worn by Arctic peoples to provide warmth and protection from harsh winter weather. Anoraks are always the outermost outerwear, and many extend lower than typical men’s jackets to provide extra coverage during inclement weather. Authentic anoraks are lined with fur to enhance insulation and softness, but you can find an anorak in almost any material nowadays, particularly synthetic, dry-wicking styles ideal for winter sport.

Light Puffer

Extra-large puffer jackets have been popular in recent winter seasons, but this year, they are seeing a downsize. The bulkiness of larger puffers radically reduces their portability, meaning you have to sacrifice comfort or suitcase space to take your puffer jackets on trips. For the sake of convenience, fashion is trending toward lighter-weight puffers, which offer just as much insulation but boast a slimmer profile for easier wear and transport.

Chore Coat

Chore coats first appeared in the late nineteenth century amongst physical laborers in France who needed a functional piece of outerwear that could withstand heavy use. Traditionally made of durable fabrics like canvas or twill, the chore coat tends to be loose fitting and covered with large, deep pockets for holding tools and other necessities. Today, the chore coat is gaining popularity for its looser fit and simple design, which should make it a staple in men’s closets in coming years.

Highland Jacket

Scottish fashion has some fascinating influences, from traditional ethnic dress to English and European styles of the 18th and 19th centuries. The highland jacket is a mix of the chore coat and the military jacket worn by Scottish officers and soldiers, designed to be worn with kilts and protect against Scotland’s bleak year-round weather. Traditionally, the highland jacket lacks lapels and pockets and features a long row of small buttons, but more modern styles add these features back.

Bomber jacket

Bomber Jacket

Called flight jackets when they were developed for use by the world’s first pilots in World War I, bomber jackets are effortlessly stylish essentials for the modern man’s wardrobe. Shorter than most men’s outerwear, the bomber jacket typically gathers above the hips and cinches around the wrists to keep in heat. These days, bomber jackets come in all materials, but jackets that straddle the line between contemporary and retro — like those made from leather or military-style cotton-nylon blends — will be the hippest in the coming cool seasons.

Kervon Shacket

The shacket is one of the latest fashion innovations, an amalgam of a shirt and a jacket that produces a lightweight outerwear layer with color and style. Kervon is a large plaid pattern that usually utilizes only two or three colors — white and a hue like blue or yellow. Simple yet colorful, a kervon shacket is the perfect piece to put on top of any T-shirt or long sleeve during the early days of fall when temperatures just start to dip.

With less than a month until fall, you need to start thinking about your cold season wardrobe. You can arm yourself with these outerwear trends to find the jackets you need to stay warm — and cool — until next spring.

Men’s Jacket Trends for Fall and Winter 2022