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Men’s Fun Socks: How to Wear Them Right

Men’s Fun Socks

When it comes to making an impression, it's the details that set you apart. It shows that you’re someone who refuses to accept the mundane and uses their creative streak to bring every day to life.

Believe it or not, the custom socks you wear can reveal a lot about your personality. They no longer have to be black and purely functional. Nowadays, a subtle flash of fun just under the hem of your pants is a chance to highlight some color and personality—one which can put a smile on anyone's face (including yours).

With the rising popularity of fun socks for men, one frequently asked question is how to pull off colorful socks. This guide shares some styling advice for selecting the best fun socks for any occasion and outfit.

Let’s find out!

Top Styling Tips for Wearing Funny Socks

Here’s a list of tips you need to keep in mind when you’re planning to wear funny socks for men.

Mind The Occasion!

The first point to consider when buying fun socks is where you intend to wear them. Consider your audience and whether the socks will be acceptable or not.


Offices are becoming more casual (particularly start-ups), so if your workplace is reasonably relaxed, this is typically a safe bet. Here is a great collection of funny socks for men from Oooh Yeah Socks as an example.

Formal Lifestyle

A formal or corporate event, on the other hand, isn't the ideal place to show off your funky striped socks.

A Day in the City

We've all had those days when we spend the entire day walking through the city, going from store to store, walking around beautiful nature reserves, visiting an amusement park, or doing something more active.

We may feel tired at the end of the day but with some fun socks on, it’ll be less so! Amusing and comfortable socks will keep you company throughout the day, whether in a fitting room or when taking a break on your long walks.

Casual Outing

When you're getting dressed up for an informal event (going out, casual Friday at work, etc. ), let your mind drift when it comes to choosing a pair of fun socks. Don’t be confined within 'norms.'

If most of your attire is toned down and lacks any statement pieces, add a funkier pair of socks with a crazy design. If you're ever in doubt, imagine how you'd react if a friend or relative wore the very same pair of socks as you.

Match Colorful Men’s Socks With Your Wardrobe

Here are some tips on how to match your fun socks with your wardrobe.

Colorful Socks to Go with Your Pants

Attempt to align your socks with your pants for a more unified look. You can find socks that are the same base color as your pants or you can stray a few shades away from them.

Blue socks, for instance, go well with blue jeans, whereas gray socks go well with beige chinos. Louder and more colorful socks, on the other hand, are more enjoyable to wear. Don't be afraid to try new things with crazier patterns and colors while wearing socks with jeans!

Suit Socks in Vibrant Colors

If you’re considering pairing solid-colored or striped socks with a tux or suit, keep in mind that too many contrasting shades will look out of place. If your socks are colored, the rest of your outfit should be understated.

When wearing novelty socks with a navy or charcoal suit, attempt to match the color scheme with either the shirt—say, aligned with the diagonal stripes on the shirt—or you can add a matching tie to your suit to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Charcoal or navy suits look classic when paired with infused maroon or purple socks, which help to brighten up the suit's delicate tone.

Socks with a T-Shirt

You can match the color of your socks to the color of your sweatshirt or t-shirt. Wear a black blazer over it and corresponding jet black shoes to make it appear semi-formal.

Trendy Bright Socks for Your Wedding

Customize your wedding socks to create some astonishingly lively and vibrant photos. If you identify your tux as 'not so lively' and want to add some color to the costume, then solid-colored bright socks are your best bet.

You can also coordinate the color of your socks with the floral pattern or other accessories at the venue. Persuade your groomsmen to wear matching socks to create a themed look.

It’s a Shoe Thing

Take into account the shoes you wish to wear with your outfit as one way to narrow down your sock options. It's a good idea to know which colors go well with your black, brown, or whatever color of shoes. Sneakers are a completely different story.

When we wonder 'what will match well,' we make the mistake of assuming that brown shoes imply dull socks. Brown shoes can pair with yellow socks, whereas black shoes can go with almost any bright color, especially a snazzy, fiery red pair.

Pick Your Patterns Smartly

If the rest of your outfit is very bold and patterned, it may be best to avoid patterns on your socks. Furthermore, the pattern on your pants may conflict with the pattern on your socks.

Don't forget to take a step back and look at your outfit as a whole to see if any elements could clash!

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a proper pattern is the setting. Printed hamburger socks, like some more colorful socks, may not be suitable for a formal suit-and-tie meeting.

However, here are some pointers about patterned socks.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are here to stay. Recent trends have shown an increase in the use of polka dot attires among men. Classical weddings are ideal for showing off the iconic polka dot socks.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric socks look great when paired with denim pants that are folded at the ends. Geometric prints are also worn with athletic wear. You can also wear these socks with your running shoes to the gym. These come in brightly contrasting colors and are best suited for tall men.

Be a Man for All Seasons

Come summer or winter, socks are an integral part of men’s fashion. Here are a couple of ways to make fun socks work for you in different seasons.

Colorful Socks in Summer

You can rock a pair of playful socks with ultra-funky shorts during the summer. Summer evenings are ideal for wearing cute offbeat socks with shorts and a casual button-down collar shirt. The cooler evening temperatures will keep you cool and fresh.

Men’s Fun Socks in Winter

You don't just put on funny socks when you're going out. When the days are getting darker, shorter, and colder, you get that feeling of depression. The thought of having to go outside and brave those cold gusts makes us want to stay inside.

A pair of nicely fitting colorful socks can drive away the blues. Even during the cold and grey days, staring at your socks should bring a smile to your face.

In the same way, you can pick socks with prints of birds or flowers for the Spring or Halloween-themed ones for Fall.

Benefits of Fun, Colorful Socks

The best way to explain the occasional necessity of fun, colorful socks is by learning their benefits.

Super Versatile

Crew socks for men are quite multifunctional. They can give the comfort and right fit you need to enjoy your day regardless of what you're doing or where you're heading.

During the hot summer months or while executing rigorous exercise schedules, cool crew socks will keep your feet cold and dry. Even on the harshest winter days, thicker patterns will keep your feet toasty. Whatever your level of activity or the outside temperature, you can choose a crew sock to suit your demands.

Enhances Your Personality

We're all aware that clothing and accessories have an impact on our look and how we're regarded by others. Whether it's your business clothing, casual wear, or an outfit for a night out, a pair of quirky socks will definitely liven up your look.

From your favorite fruits to animals, you're sure to discover the ideal pair with the perfect pattern to show off your individuality and tell the world a little bit about you.

Final Thoughts

Men’s colorful socks are enjoyable because they allow you to express yourself and be creative. Some of today's most successful people have been known to put on a pair of outrageously colorful and funny socks to stand out from the crowd.

The bottom line is that your sock drawer doesn't have to be monotonous with the same subdued, sad colors. Fun socks of all kinds will bring new life to your wardrobe.

Colorful socks give you a competitive advantage, feel better about yourself, and help you put your best foot forward!

Men’s Fun Socks: How to Wear Them Right