Men’s Frugal Fashion: Fashion With Reasonable Budget
June 12, 2019

Men’s Frugal Fashion: Fashion With Reasonable Budget

Men’s Frugal Fashion: Fashion With Reasonable Budget

Frugal Fashion is something that everyone should know about. Frugal fashion isn’t about buying cheap products it is all about buying WORTHY products.

Imagine you bought a shirt after spending too much and that got torn out within three wearings. You can’t get your money back not that shirt also. This is what frugality is all about, getting a quality product.

Frugal and cheap are two are different words having different meanings. And there are many tips for female frugal fashion. Since this is the scenario Fashionterest would like to share some Men’s Frugal Fashion tips with you. 

Buy Things That are Classic and That You Need

Men’s Frugal Fashion: Fashion With Reasonable Budget

There are some colors that never go out of fashion like white, black, grey and blue. And these are also the colors that are most preferable for formal clothing. So opt for these colors.

They are also some prints, patterns or designs that are for forever. Like plain colors and geometrical prints as in horizontal or vertical lines. For T-shirts and trousers or chinos go for plain colors. Whereas for shirts you can go for prints as well.

Always make a list or keep in mind what you need. There are times when you get flowed with the flow like you went to a sale and an exciting offer is going on Buy 2 Get 1 Free or Buy 4 and Get a 40% discount.

You will definitely buy 2 or 4 products to avail of the discount. And this is what they were waiting for. So keep your mind clear about What You Need and everything is sorted.

Opt for Street Stores or Start-up Brands

Men’s Frugal Fashion: Fashion With Reasonable Budget

Not only High-end brands provide quality products, sometimes even they don’t. Apart from High-end brands and malls, there are also street stores. Even street stores got awesome and trendy collection with the quality too.

You just need to search for the right store and the right clothing for you. And trust me, it is a really fun activity to do. The satisfaction you get after finding the right product is incomparable. You can also give try to start-up brand.

They will be having a good collection with perfect quality and at the right pricing. After all, they also want to survive in this competition.

As you are buying from street stores you can always ask for a discount. There are many of you who hesitate to ask for a discount just because you feel its not the right thing to do.

Don't hesitate for asking it, it isn’t the wrong thing to do if you ask in a polite and decent manner. Always inquire about return policy. And try to keep your receipts and invoices safe.

Alternative Option (Online Purchasing)

Men’s Frugal Fashion: Fashion With Reasonable Budget

You would have heard about the “alternative plan”. And this works everywhere. You should have an alternative plan for every task. And buying clothes is not less than a task. So here your alternative plan or option is “Online Purchasing”.

There is a saying about online purchasing that you can’t get quality products online. This is just a myth. And the most beneficial thing is there are always discount running on online sites.

If you buy from a trusted website, you will get the best quality product. If you are new to online purchasing just go through reviews before buying the product. And before buying anything make sure you read their return and refund policy.

In case, you need to get it changed after seeing it physically as you ain’t satisfied with color or the texture of the fabric. And yeah try to get coupons from sources. So you can get more discount.

Figure Out what looks Best on You

No one knows yourself better than you. What kind of color, clothing, and accessories suits you well. So if you still haven’t figured out what looks best on you do it ASAP.

By this, you will be able to know what you need and what you don’t. It will help you in avoiding overspending and looking the best of you.

If your skin is fairer avoided pastel colors it will blend with your skin tone. And if you have a darker skin tone go for pastel colors that will look good on you. And if your skin tone is neutral you don’t need to worry about anything you can wear every color.

Apart from you should also make sure that you have done color contrasting proper. Imagine wearing dark Burgundy Trouser and shirt of a Bright Red color. You are clearly killing the fashion sense. If you have doubt about contrasting colors go for light and dark combination but that too has limitation so be careful.

Borrowing from Family and Friends

Purchasing something for a particular event is not necessary you can always rely on your family or friends. Just tell them about what kind of trousers or shirt you are looking for you will have dozens of options to select from.

Yeah, there can be a size issue but you can always get it altered. And if possible try to get clothes out from your grandparents' wardrobe or their old trunk, they literally have a treasure there. Old clothes are something that is treasured to be. Wear those clothes and you won’t be able to stop answering queries about your outfit.

Not just for the occasion, normally also you can ask for their clothes. There will be your friends, cousins, siblings, or colleagues that are going to throw their clothes because they don’t feel like having it, or it isn’t their size anymore or anything just tell them that you want to update your style mantra and have them. And let them see what magic you can do from them.

Maximum utilization of your wardrobe

This is something that everyone should do. The maximum utilization of wardrobe means to utilize each and every shirt, t-shirt, trousers, everything as much as possible. How to do that? It's simple just start doing interchanging.

Interchanging is a process where you have to interchange your outfit like today wore black trousers with a white shirt, next time wear blue trousers with the white and black trousers with some other color of shirt you have in your wardrobe. By this, you can also maximize the no. of outfits you have. You can also use your formal shirt in casual wear, how? By wearing a shirt with open buttons on a contrasting t-shirt with trendy jeans.

With these tips, we hope you are ready to rock Men’s Frugal Fashion.


Men’s Frugal Fashion: Fashion With Reasonable Budget