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Men’s Fashion Advice: Tips to Elevate Your Attire with the Right Belt

Men have limited options when it comes to dressing up, but accessories can do the trick. Upgrading your style game can be a breeze if you pick the right ones and style them like a pro. You can't overlook the power of a classy belt because it's not just a functional accessory that holds up your pants.

You can actually use it as a statement piece that breaks the monotony of your outfits and gives them a designer look. Whether you're rocking jeans or formal trousers, the right belt can make you look like a man of substance. So buckle up for some valuable men's fashion advice that will help you steal the show. Here you go!

Find your perfect fit

The first rule of sporting a men's belt is to find a perfect fit. If you are looking for a belt made in the usa, check the size charts of different brands because they may differ. Follow the "try before buy" rule, just as with any other garment. 

Remember to check the return and exchange policy of the website if you choose to shop online. When you check the size, aim for one that comfortably fastens on the middle hole. This way, you will have some leeway to adjust if you gain some weight.

Match your metals

The buckle of your belt is the real show-stopper, guys! Matching it with the rest of your accessories helps you get a cohesive look. If you have a sleek silver watch on your wrist, go for a belt with a silver buckle. 

Matching your metals is the key to adding sophistication to your attire, so don't accessorize randomly without second thoughts.

Play with materials and textures

You need not worry about falling short of options when it comes to this part of your attire. You can stick with a handmade leather belt or experiment with other materials and textures to spice up your ensemble. 

While Bullhide Belts look chic and formal, you can try a braided belt for a casual vibe. Just match the look to the occasion and your overall ensemble. 

Play with colors and patterns

Besides experimenting with textures, you can also play with color and pattern. You can find several shades in men's leather belts, so go beyond the safe bets like classic black or brown hues. 

Think outside the box with the hues of tan, navy, and burgundy. Explore more options with patterned pieces. They enable you to show off your unique style.

Pick the right width

Another tip to style your belt is to pay attention to its width, as it can make a big difference in your overall appearance. A narrower belt keeps things sleek and polished for formal occasions or dressier outfits. 

Try rocking a wider belt if you want a more casual vibe with jeans or chinos. Stick to the width you feel comfortable with.

Wrapping Up 

When it comes to wrapping a belt around your waist, you can play a lot with this accessory. Follow these tips to conquer the fashion scene on all occasions.

Tips to Elevate Your Attire with the Right Belt