Men’s Accessories for 2019: The Leather Edition
November 22, 2018

Men’s Accessories for 2019: The Leather Edition

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Men’s Leather Belts

Most men think of a belt as a necessity, but a belt made from good quality leather adds a touch of class to this classic wardrobe essential. A good quality, the handmade leather belt can last a lifetime, and as with all leather items, actually improves with age, becoming softer and more flexible with wear.

Leather belts come in a variety of widths, colours and styles, from the classic black leather belt perfect for wearing to the office, to the thicker, more rugged looking wider leather belts, perfect for wearing with jeans.

Whatever your lifestyle, a city slicker, or an outdoor countryman, a leather belt is not only practical addition to your wardrobe, but it will also add a subtle touch of style and elegance to any outfit.

Men’s Leather Holdalls

Men’s Leather Holdalls

There’s something about a good quality leather bag that oozes quiet sophistication, so whether you are off on a business trip, or heading into the countryside for the weekend, what could be better than a men’s leather holdall to pack all you need? Leather holdalls for men are not just stylish; they are durable and practical too.

They are small enough to be taken onto the plane as hand luggage, so you can keep your laptop, books and other essentials with you, and easy to carry either by way of the handles, or the over-the-shoulder strap option.

So whether you go for the classic vintage look holdall, or prefer the traditional men’s leather holdalls with external pockets to store smaller items, you’ll have a travel companion that improves with age!

Men’s Leather Wallets

Wallets, like men, come in different shapes and sizes! One thing is certain though when you think about a wallet, you think leather, and the image of that trusted, well-worn leather wallet your father had in his pocket. Having a leather wallet is almost a tradition.

We all have our own idea of how, and in what, we carry our notes, coins and cards, so there are many different styles and options available. Some men prefer their coins to be loose in their pockets, but the cards and notes in the same wallet, others like to have two wallets, so their cards are stored separately from the cash.

Nowadays, there is also the option to have an RFID secure wallet to protect your cards. A good quality leather wallet will last you years.

Men’s Leather Jackets

When you think about leather jackets, it conjures up those iconic images of movie stars in their bomber jackets, or lads on motorbikes with their trademark black leather biker jackets. The bomber and biker jackets have never lost their popularity, but if you don’t feel they fit your image, there are so many other styles available to suit any lifestyle.

If you are looking for a jacket suitable to wear to the office as well as at weekends, opt for a luxury quilted jackets or leather parka style, offering the country gentleman image, as well as the practicality of an outdoor coat that will protect you from the wind and rain of the British climate.

Whatever style you choose, leather jackets look great whether you are tramping in the hills wearing jeans and walking boots, or on an evening out, they are always stylish, and of course, being leather, will last a long time and only improve with age.

Men’s Leather Travel Document/Passport Holder

If you’re a man who is a regular traveller with work, or holidays, what could be more useful and stylish than a travel document and passport holder?

We all know that when you get to the airport, you have to have your passport and boarding pass readily to hand, whilst also keeping them safe, so you’re standing there rummaging in your bag or your pockets to locate them, as well as holding your luggage, then having to tuck it away again. With a travel document holder, you can enjoy stress-free travelling!

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