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Material Choices For Men’s Wedding Bands

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Of late, men have become a bit more serious about their wedding bands which they now consider more fashionable. Men's wedding bands like the ones you will find at, the online store exclusively meant for wedding bands, are indeed fashionable. Some designs are even so much exclusive that men would drool upon them.

The change in attitude toward wedding bands has changed the shopping pattern for men’s wedding bands, and they now start shopping quite early instead of rushing at the last moment. Taking time to shop for wedding bands allows them to look for more options and choose the unique design and style of wedding bands that fit into the budget.

Here are the material options for men’s wedding bands that are currently trending.


Gold has been the traditional wedding jewelry for centuries. As it is available in different purity grades like 24k, 22k, 18 k, etc., gold wedding bands provide much more affordable options for styling without affecting the gloss, shine, and looks. It is easy to create the most intricate designs with gold as the metal is highly malleable and easy to engrave and emboss. Besides the traditional yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are the other varieties obtained by alloying them with silver and other metals like copper and nickel. 


Silver costs much less than gold. Its affordability and bright white luster make it suitable for making jewelry. Usually, 9.25 silver, known as sterling silver, is used to make wedding bands, but being prone to tarnishing, frequent polishing of silver wedding bands helps maintain its good looks. Rhodium plating on silver protects the surface from tarnishing too quickly and delays the frequency of polishing.


The most costly and rare precious metal has a natural white gleam that puts it in a class of its own that spells luxury. Platinum is completely hypoallergenic as it does not contain other metals like nickel and zinc, and nickel that cause allergies. Like gold and silver, platinum is prone to scratching due to its softness, and polishing helps restore the wedding bands' original looks.


Titanium leads the newer generation of jewelry metals that have gained popularity over the last few decades because of its lightweight and durability, and lower cost. The grey-colored industrial metal is now a staple choice for making wedding bands that look entirely different from the traditional styles and designs. The hard metal is scratch-resistant and needs little maintenance.


Ranked among the hardest metals, Tungsten wedding bands are the new age bands that provide more affordable and stylish options for creating exclusive dark colored wedding bands that can stand out from the crowd. The dark, almost black color is due to carbon present in tungsten.


The rich color and glossy finish of ceramic wedding bands that look dainty and artistic do not fade quickly, and the bands are scratch-resistant and lightweight but not resizable. 

You can select a material from any of the options mentioned above.

Material Choices For Men’s Wedding Bands