Listen to Music Through Stylish Sunglasses
November 11, 2018

Listen to Music Through Stylish Sunglasses

Imagine listening to music through your Sunglasses. 

Yup,that's MusicLens for you. 

A cool pair sunglasses with high quality hearing earplugs inbuilt. 

This never before done technology brings you the high quality earplugs attached to the coolest looking sunglasses. 

No more wires, now you can enjoy the great music while looking uber cool. 

The MusicLens comes in four super cool colours, so you are guranteed to find a pair that will look good on you. 

With it's high fashion avant grade design aesthetics this MusicLens sunglasses are going to help you stand out from the rest while enjoying great music hassle free. 

There two different styles of MusicLens sunglasses are available right now. 

1. MusicLens Vogue Style. VOGUE style changes according to different seasons and fashion trends.98% anti UV and IR, stay fashionable and healthy while enjoying great music. 

2. MusicLens Geek Style. Minimalistic outlook combined ultra-light frame. Weight only 25g. Protect your eyesight from electronic screen with the 95% block Blue-Ray lens

You can learn more about MusicLens Here

And they are also launching a Indigog campaign really soon. So, if you want to cop one for yourself then you can go here to pre order your MusicLens sunglasses when they launch.