Leading Tips on How to Wear your Men 2019 Fall Tweed Jacket According to Magee 1866
June 21, 2019

Leading Tips on How to Wear your Men 2019 Fall Tweed Jacket According to Magee 1866

Tweed might have been designed with the purpose of camouflaging Scottish hunters but it is now a massive fashion accessory the world over. It is sleek, elegant, versatile and all things beautiful.

Whether you are wearing a tweed jacket over a cute pair of jeans or doing a complete tweed suit, the fabric is undeniably glamorous. This amazing fabric has been and continues to be of prime interest to fashion designers and consumers.

When it comes to tweed, no one understands it better than Magee 1866. With a whopping 150 years of experience, this company is thoroughly knowledgeable and skilled in the design, weaving, and tailoring of tweed outfits for both men and women. Their vast tweed collection consists of different colors, designs, patterns, and texture that cater to different needs.

We caught up with Magee 1866to talk about the fall 2019 tweed jacket and came up with some juicy information for our readers.

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Tweed Material Explained

In case you are wondering what tweed is, it is simply a rough weave of wool made from an open and flexible texture. It looks somewhat like homespun or cheviot fibers but it is woven with either a twill, plain weave, or herringbone structure.

Tweed material takes on many color effects which are achieved through mixing dyed wood prior to being spun. Some people know it as “the Big Cloth” as this was what the Scottish people called it back in the day.

Tweed is ideal for the outdoors particularly when paired with the right shoes. It has a way of bringing out the outdoorsy spirit in every wearer. Having said this, you can adorn your tweed jacket or suit to any indoor event and look fashionable as well.

Tips for Dressing Your Men 2019 Tweed Fall Jacket

Before you run around making tweed designer purchases, you might want to consider the following tips of wearing it suggested Magee 1866:

  • Go For Harris Tweed: The reason some people are appalled at the mention of tweed is because of the earlier, rough and uncomfortable versions. While it is true the old tweeds were annoyingly scratchy, the modern ones are quite the opposite. Harris Tweed, one of the authentic tweed varieties, is soft and luxurious. The reason is that it is hand-carded using trademarked wool, hand-spun, and woven by skilled Scottish crofters. Granted, it still is a little rough when you run your hands through but it is not only comfortable to wear but also durable and waterproof.
  • Grab A Multi-Functional Sports Coat: As you shop around for yourtweed jacket this fall, you will be impressed by the various two and three piece-suits available in stores. However, if you really want to push your style over the top, order a multi-functional sports coat. It has a uniquely beautiful pattern on its herringbone coat and attractive broken-check, glen-plain check patterns on its left versions. Choose a laid back color, a bold one, or something in between depending on your preferences.
  • Mix Things Up: Who said a tweed jacket can only be worn one way? There are multiple ways you can adorn yours this fall and turn heads everywhere you go. If you are new in the game, Magee 1866 recommends looking for something that can be worn every Think a beige brown blazer that complements most of your pants and can be thrown over a tee or shirt with relative ease. Once you get the hang of it, experiment with slim-fit designs and bold colors.
  • Know Your Shades: Since tweeds are characterized by different shades of yarn tied together, the fabric has a gorgeous sense of depth. If you are putting on a tweed blazer, you can match one of the colors of your jacket with that of your pants. Don’t be afraid to play the matching game with your tweed jacket this fall. It is a simple yet effective strategy of looking good.
  • Incorporate A Down Vest: One major trend in the fashion world is wearing down vests over or under tweed jackets. It doesn’t only add to your warmth but also makes you look put together and stylish. While you are at it, don’t wear a bulky vest under your tweed jacket. You’ll attract the attention of fashion police for all the wrong reasons. If the vest is too thick, find a way to size it down to make it elegant.

There you have it: 5 tips to wear your men 2019 fall tweed jacket according to Magee 1866. If you’ve peeped in different tweed stores, you probably know a quality tweed jacket doesn’t come cheap.

This is especially true if you settle for the designer jackets. Lucky for you, there’s always a deal or promotion available for shoppers on Magee 1866 website.