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How to Write Reviews on Clothes and Fashion

Do you have an opinion on a certain apparel item or a fashion trend and want to share it? Either you decide to publish your review on a private blog or start a fashion expert’s career, there are plenty of details you will need to consider before entering the world of fashion content-creators.

Since fashion has become the way to express our individuality and to fit in, recommending apparel is a responsible task and requires a specific specialist toolkit of skills.

So, how to write a genuinely useful and successful review on fashion-related topics? Fortunately, there are also some simple recommendations to help you write like a pro even if you are a fashion industry newcomer. We’ve examined a multitude of those and outlined the top 5 tips we’ve found the most effective. 

How to Write Reviews on Clothes and Fashion

Immerse Yourself Into The Topic

Start with immersing yourself into the topic as crafting a good text almost always implies sharing a certain feeling or experience. A good review will go beyond your first impressions, so make sure you have fully experienced the product you are going to review.

When it comes to new fashion trends and brand’s clothing – well, at least make sure you have put close attention to the topic and took notes. 

Note that your review is not all about your experience. No one doubts that having an opinion is good, but only if you back it up with appropriate examples and evidence.

Your reader is unlikely to be interested in statements like “this watch sucks”, but rather why it sucks and vice versa. Also, a good review is not always a positive one. To address both sides and discuss the pros and cons of the item as a brand product’s review is primarily designed to be useful.

Remember Who Are Your Readers

Knowing what you are writing about is frequently not enough, consider who are you writing for as well. After you consider your specialist audience, you will decide what type of information would be the most interesting for your typical reader. Make your fashion product overview to be easy-to-understand for any reader. 

How to Write Reviews on Clothes and Fashion

A smart brand knows that product reviews can make a difference between making a sale and losing a potential customer forever. Either your readers want to make the informed purchase decision or just keep in touch with current fashion trends, the majority of modern consumers consider online ratings and reviews as an essential resource when actually deciding whether to make a purchase or not.

To avoid the risk of your blog/website low ranking in the search, the best decision would be to check professional  review websites like Sky Writer to see how they create SEO-optimized professional content. 

The same goes for fashion, and the fashion blogging industry has not become an exception – great content is vital to keep shoppers on your apparel website. If you choose not to feature reviews on your site, shoppers are likely to choose another brand or retailer that will provide them with the information they’re looking for. 

Examples & Evidence

Today, we can find out what thousands of people think about a product or trend just in a few clicks. But who said all of them are actually helpful? Making your reviews clear, concise, and focused will differentiate your content out of the crowd and add its extra value for the customers.

To make sure your review is well evidenced, provides practical and actionable tips, and avoids the irrelevant details, we suggest you focus on our template containing several basic questions to be answered.

  • Is the reviewed product worth buying?
  • Is the item you are talking about successful on the market? Why does the product succeed or fail? Specify.
  • Are the readers expected to like the item?
  • What other fashion items resemble yours?

Keep Limits (at least with the text structure and volume)

As a first step, decide how to lay it all out and choose the time when being in the right mindset to start writing. Try to stay classy with your review’s structure - begin with a description and then move to the analysis.

1. Who said humor is not allowed? As a general rule, most readers won’t read a ten-page long treatise before making their decision on the purchase as well as before deciding what to wear to the office today.

That said, fashion reviewers need not only to be in his/her evaluation but also to maintain the entertaining tone in the text.

2. The review's context goes next. Whatever you’re reviewing, compare and contrast the item with something similar to provide the useful context to other similar products on the market.

Another tip here is to discuss the main competitors’ analogs. Provide readers with the backstory of the fashion item discussed.

3. Analyze the particular features/details of the product. Go into detail on several relevant points. This way, you’ll enable readers to understand why you’ve formed your opinion.

While summing up the points you reviewed, answer why you consider the item to be worth seeking it out in some way? In this section, we recommend you to leave out the names and focus on the experience.

How to Write Reviews on Clothes and Fashion

Apply the Score System

Finally, using any score systems, you will find the quickest possible way to give your readers a sense of how good the discussed product is. The evaluation score depends on the situation and the product as well as on the place where your text will be published.

As a general rule, websites and magazines give their writers clear guidelines on how to score. In case you publish a blog, you are free to create your explainer, but remember to explain to readers the logic lying behind your scores.

Hope you’ve found our post helpful and good luck with your next fashion review!