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10 Casual Shirt Outfits For Men

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Check out these amazing 10 casual shirt outfits for men.  

We all love wearing casual shirts, right? A casual shirt is comfortable, easy to maintain and if you wear it right, it can help you enhance your look without many efforts.

Honestly, we're not a huge fan of wearing suits every day. We love to keep our dressing simple, comfortable and casual. And casual shirts are perfect for this. 


A casual shirt is a perfect balance between too casual and too formal.

It's formal than a tee and casual than a blazer or jacket. Plus you can wear it in many different ways.

Such as you can pair it with chinos, jeans and trousers. You can tuck them in when needed or keep them untucked when you are going out with friends, or shopping etc.

We recommend having three casual shirts (One white, one navy & one black) in our Capsule Wardrobe guide.

However, you can decide to pick any colour you like. The only thing you want to make sure is don't go for over busy prints and trendy designs. 

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The Fit Of Your Casual Shirt

And, one of the most important parts of a casual shirt is FIT.

A fit of your shirt can make or break your look. We discuss more about the fit in our brand new guide How To Shop For Clothes.

The important thing here is to remember that the casual shirts are supposed to be fit differently from the dress shirts

There are mainly three different types of fit you get.

  1. Slim Fit
  2. Relaxed Fit
  3. Skinny Fit.  

We recommend you stay far away from the skinny fit. Because it can highlight all the wrong parts of your upper body and that's not a good thing, right? 

However, depending on your physique you can opt for either comfort fit or slim fit.

If you are someone with a beer belly then a comfort fit is best for you. It will help you hide your belly and make possible make you look in slimmer than you are. 

And if you have toned up physique then, of course, you can go for a slim fit.

However, there are no hard rules here. It's more about what you feel most comfortable in. 

The Fabric Of Your Casual Shirt 

The whole point of wearing a casual shirt is staying comfortable. So, the fabric of your shirt is equally important as the fit.

You should go for a fabric that's light and breathable. 

So, how do you know if the fabric is breathable? Just put the fabric of a shirt against your mouth and attempt to breathe through it.

If you face resistance pushing air through the fabric then probably the fabric is not breathable. 

Try this breathe test whenever you go shopping for your casual shirt next time. It will help you pick the right fabric every single time.

However, lightweight and breathable fabric do not mean transparent or see through fabric. So, stay away from the see-through fabric.

As again that can highlight all the wrong parts of your torso.  

There are many different types of shirt fabric you can pick from.

If you are not aware of different types of shirt fabrics then check out our Infographic that covers almost all types fo shirt fabrics. 

Stick To Basics

As we recommend in our capsule wardrobe guide, it's best to stick to basics. Basic style, and basic colours.

We recommend having shirts in white, navy, black, blue. Of course, you can add a few self-print or stripes or checks shirts based on your liking. 

But, still, we recommend having more solid shirts because solid shirts are versatile and you can wear them with almost anything. 

Casual Shirt Street Style Looks 

Now, that we've discussed the casual shirts, it's time to get some inspiration.

By now you probably know that when we need style inspiration we run towards Instagram. And today's no different.

To help you nail your casual shirt game, we've curated 10 amazing looks from this street style star's Instagram account

Hope you'll enjoy. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

10 Casual Shirt Outfits For Men1. Cool dark grey check pants and light blue cotton shirt and a cool grey sneakers.

how to wear casual shirt for men

2. Light blue ripped jeans and a cool navy blue shirt with cool slip on sneakers. 

how to wear casual shirt for men

3. Classy blue and white combination. Outfit features a cool washed blue denim, crisp white shirt and cool suede boots. 

how to wear casual shirt for men

4. It's hard not to look good in this stone brown jeans, white shirt and cool leather boat shoes. 

how to wear casual shirt for men

5. You can't look bad in this cool outfit featuring light grey pants, light blue shirt with beige sneakers. 

how to wear casual shirt for men

6. Not a fan of solid shirts? Fret not, here's a cool outfit featuring big, bold vertical stripes shirt with a light blue ripped jeans and cool light grey sneakers. 

how to wear casual shirt for men

7. Heading for a shopping on the street? Look dapper in this washed blue jeans, light blue shirt and brown suede double monk boots outfit. 

how to wear casual shirt for men

8. Absolutely fail-proof way to dress better than every one on the street. Black washed denim, white shirt and desert boots. 

how to wear casual shirt for men

9. Want to feel relaxed but stylish? Try this amazing blue washed jeans, white shirt and sport shoes outfit. Oh.. don't you miss the beanie. 

how to wear casual shirt for men  

10. Little prints takes you places. Here's a cool white printed shirt paired with light blue jeans and brown double monk boots. 

how to wear casual shirt for men

 10 Casual Shirt Outfits For Men

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