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How to Wear a Lapel Pin or Button: A Guide for Every Well-Dressed Man

A lapel pin is the best way to accessorize a suit. But you need to style them correctly. Click here and know how to wear a lapel pin or button.

Imagine you have an interview or a wedding to attend, and you open your closet door to find something to wear. What faces you is a nondescript suit jacket.

You really want to make a good impression, looking like you're at the top of your game. But, how can you do that with a jacket that says, ''something is missing.''

All is not lost. You can still make your suit jacket pop, making a good impression at your interview or look stylish as a wedding guest. Have you ever thought about wearing a lapel pin?

Lapel pins add a certain pizzazz to any suit jacket or blazer. So, retire the traditional conservative look for one of flair, color, and personality.

Read more about the different suit lapel pin styles, and how to wear a lapel pin.

What Is a Lapel Pin?

First of all, do you know what a lapel is? You'd be surprised how many people don't. It's the part of your jacket that folds over on each side. It's located below your collar.

Your lapel style can be any one of the following options:

  • Peak
  • Standard notch
  • Shawl
  • Wide peak
  • Narrow notch
  • Wide notch

A lapel pin is a small accessory that you pin to your lapel. The pins are decorative and come in many shapes, colors, and styles. Some lapel pins have a purpose, such as a company or organization logo. Others are worn to spark up a jacket.

How to Attach a Suit Lapel Pin

The back of the lapel pin has an attachment that holds the pin in place. This attachment comes in a variety of styles. Some attachments add even more style to your pin. Here are the most popular ways to attach your lapel pin:

Butterfly Clutch

These pins have a sharp tack-like point on the back. You push the tack through your lapel. Then squeeze the two tabs on the butterfly clutch together and push it onto the tack. This attachment is mostly used for small pins.

Stick Pin

Most pins today use this attachment for pins. It has a vintage look, which is popular for suit jackets. The lapel pin has a thin post attached, which comes out at the bottom of the pin. You insert the pin into your lapel and move the collar along the pin to either attach it or release it.


This screw and nut attachment isn't as common as the others used for lapel pins. The good thing about this type is it's more secure. The point on the back has threads like a screw. You push it through your lapel and attach it with a small nut in the back.

Magnetic Discs

These attachments are two magnetic discs. One is on the back of the pin and the other goes behind the lapel. The two magnets hold the pin on your lapel. This isn't as secure as the other attachments, but it doesn't make any holes in your suit fabric.

Each one of these lapel pin attachments is available in different styles to match the pin, such as brass, rubber, and gold. A few less common attachments are safety pin clasps, cuff link styles, locking clutches and key chain attachments.

Different Styles of Lapel Pins

Wearing a lapel pin is not just for the military anymore. You can find so many styles to choose from to give your blazer or suit jacket your own personal look. When you're shopping for pins, check vintage and antique stores for unique old-time pins.

You can also find lapel pins online. Many lapel pin stores have special deals like this bundle.

The following lapel pin styles add style and fun to any suit:


These are real flowers pinned to your lapel. You attach it with the stem at a slight angle. They're mostly worn for weddings.


These lapel pins look like real flowers, but they're designed with silk, cotton, satin or linen. Floral lapel pins add elegance to your suit. The flowers come in various colors and sizes.


Many times, you can find vintage pins in your grandfather's jewelry box or even flea markets. They add character to your ensemble.

Feathers, Arrows, and Shapes 

These are commonly attached to long-stemmed pins. They're usually crafted with metallic pins, such as copper, gold, silver, and black. They attach with the stick-pin style.


If you can't find the type of pin you want, you can order customized pins to reflect your personal style. Online sites can do this for you, creating a lapel pin that suits your fancy.


These pins are for displaying affiliations, such as political, religious, social clubs or military.

Wearing a lapel pin in any of these styles can spice up the look of your suit jacket. Wear them to work, meetings, special occasions or everyday wear when you want to add a personalized touch to your wardrobe.

How to Wear A Lapel Pin

It's simple to attach a lapel pin to your jacket. But, many people aren't sure about the lapel pin placement. Follow this guide for attaching your pin to your lapel.

You should attach your lapel pin on your left lapel. Place it where the lapel buttonhole is located. If your jacket doesn't have a buttonhole, attach your pin in the upper part of the lapel.

If you have a buttonhole on both lapels, remember the lapel pin always goes on the left. When you have a stick pin that shows through your lapel, place it parallel to the lapel instead of across or straight. It's up to you if you want the stick pin to show through the bottom or remain in the back of the lapel.

Add Personality to Your Suit

Now that you know how to wear a lapel pin, sharpen your image with a pin that highlights your personality. You decide where to wear a lapel pin, whether it's for business, formal attire, events or everyday wear, you can't go wrong. Add flair to your suits and blazers with stylish lapel pins.

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How to Wear a Lapel Pin or Button: A Guide for Every Well-Dressed Man