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How To Wear A Casual Blazer With T-shirts

Blazers are those wardrobe staples that are more versatile than most pieces of clothing. These can be easily paired up with formal outfits like the buttoned-up shirts, and it looks just as great with the casual pieces.

The blazer and t-shirt look is one of the classic favourites when you want to create a casual but put-together look.

When you combine the ease of tee-shirts with the elegance of Blazers, the result is pure fashion genius. But wait before you start throwing on any of your random t-shirts with your old blazers.

Putting together a trendy blazer and t-shirt look is a lot about getting the length, pattern, colour, and fit right and there is a fine line between channelling casual cool and looking too gaudy to be good.

The following are some of the top ideas that you can try out when going for t-shirt and blazer look.

How To Wear A Casual Blazer With T-shirts

Getting the pattern right

There are a lot of the boxes that you need to tick off in order to get the look right, and the pattern is the first of all those criteria.

For starters, pick up the t-shirt and blazer both in the slim fit to accentuate your structure. It is better to stick to regular crew neck t-shirts with minimalistic designs and no logos.

Anything louder than this will make you move over from casual to garish, and you surely would not want that, right?

Now, going sans branding does not mean you go and tear-off the logo from your newly bought t-shirt. A small logo at the corner of the t-shirt that is usually hidden from the eye is just perfect to be paired with blazers.

blazer and tshirt looks for men


Prevent a clash of colours

We get it that you are all for bright colors and we love bright colors just as much as you do. But going too bright will make you look like you are revisiting the days of your kindergarten instead of coming off as the dapper dude.

You can keep the color of either the t-shirt or blazer bright but never both of it at once.

Combining two sets of loud colors makes them clash awkwardly and takes away the clean look that you are trying to achieve.

Go for bright blue or teal green blazer but keep the t-shirt neutral in the monotone of white or black.

Dual toning is also trending at present, and you can take the style quotient one-step higher by matching the color of the blazer with the trousers.

Look out for the length

Getting the style of the blazer right is a lot about the length that you are sporting.

A blazer that is too long will make you look like a kid trying out his dad’s blazer, and if you make it too short, you risk looking like you have outgrown your old clothes.

The thumb rule in wearing blazers is that the sleeves should not go past your hands and the hemline should not end above your waist. The fashion criterion for the length of sleeves generally remains same across all jackets.

You must never let the sleeves drown the hands or leave your wrists bare by making sure that it ends just in the middle of the wrist.

blazer and tshirt looks for men


A slim fit for a sleek look

The rules regarding the fit of the blazers for men are something that holds true even for the suit jackets.

A casual blazer is supposed to be slim fitting, but that does not mean you go so tight that the material forms creases around the buttons.

Go one size up if you see that instead of fitting you, the blazer is looking like it is suffocating you inside it.

In the same way, pinching of the blazer at the waist when it does not really fit you will fail to give you the clean and sharp look that you want.

The point here is to let the blazer follow the shape of your body to flatter your look just as the popular saying in the fashion world goes: let the clothes fit you rather than trying to fit into clothes.

The ideal bottom-wear to complete the look

The bottom-wear needs as much attention when you are pairing a blazer with a t-shirt. If you thought that going casual with blazers means only picking up your nearest pair of jeans, then you have got another thing coming.

The good news is that you have more choice in legwear when going for a casual look. Pair it with smart trousers and tuck the t-shirt in for a dressy vibe to your look.

Even if you are going for your favourite denim, make sure that they are tapered and slim but not too skinny. Dad jeans are a big no-no as believe it or not, looking too casual to be cool is also a huge fashion faux pas.

Put your best foot forward

To keep the casual vibe going throughout the look, your footwear should speak in the same language.

Try out canvas shoes or sneakers to ensure comfort while channelling a subtle, stylish element.

Avoid shoes with busy patterns or the lace-up trainers as anything with too much work on it will throw out the entire look that you have put together with so much effort.

Now that you have your whole look sorted down to the T, get ready to hit the town with the one hell of a casual glam look.

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