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How to Style Track Pants

Ah, track pants. They are a key part of athleisure and they can make or break a look. Of course, track pants main appeal first and foremost is that they are functional for sports. 

With the rise in popularity of athleisure, however, many people have come to realize that track pants are stylish as well. Many people are curious as to how to style track pants, and it is not as tricky as you might think.

There are many options that can elevate your track pants from being solely functional. 

Function, First and Foremost

As with any bit of athleisure fashion, you want your track pants to be comfortable. A free range of motion with breathability is the name of the game. A nice combination of materials is the best way to go. 

Many find that combinations of poly and spandex are the best for movement. As long as spandex is the one with the lower concentration, it is a comfy and functional fit. A nice black or grey is great because they go with just about anything and are appropriate anywhere.

Consider the Ensemble

What do you want to pair your track pants with? It’s not as easy as just pulling something random out of your closet. With track pants, you want something somewhat casual that further shows off your status as a fitness forward person.

Here are some tops that go great with track pants:

  • Quarter zip pullover
  • Zip hoodie
  • Crew neck tee shirt
  • Polo shirt

When you pair the right quarter zip with the right track pants, it is match made in heaven. It creates one cohesive look and that goes a long way with any outfit. Wearing the right shirt under the pullover is key as well. Choose a crew neck tee that compliments the pullover and the track pants.

If you get hot, you can lose the pullover. Zip hoodies also go great with track pants. Maybe you’re going for a morning jog or it is simply cold outside. Throw on a zip hoodie that matches your track pants and head off to the races. 

Polo shirts are also a great option. Be careful if you want to wear a polo shirt with your track pants, however. Only wear a polo if it matches the track pants.

What Kind of Style Should I Strive For?

That depends largely on your own needs. If you are strictly throwing together an outfit for athletic purposes, maybe consider a pullover or tee shirt and track pants combo. That is functional, performance ready and looks good.

However, if you are going out and about, you may want to go a different route. Wearing a polo or maybe a stylish technical tee with your track pants can turn heads. You will look great and also get the benefits that athleisure has to offer.

If you are going to go for a run then meet your friend for coffee, bring an extra tee and swap them out after your run and be fresh. 

Why It Matters

Style matters plenty. Especially when it comes to athleisure. The fact is that anyone can throw on track pants and cool top. Not everyone can think ahead enough to make sure it is stylish, however.

Refer to some of the tips above when pairing your track pants with something. You could pick out a nice crew neck tee that compliments your track pants or maybe a long sleeve polo. There are many options. So long as you are comfy, able to perform and happy with how you look, you will create a successful look.

How to Style Track Pants