July 19, 2022


Sandals are a timeless piece of fashion! There was a time when sandals were considered a fashion accessory to wear only at gyms and holiday destinations, but today the fashion game of sandals is on point in the city as well as on the sand.  

Well, styling does not have a proper definition, and it particularly depends upon an individual’s own fashion sense. There are various designs and patterns of sandals available in the market to suit your personal style. For example: 

  • Men's slide sandals are ideal for a casual look 
  • Birkenstocks sandals are a popular choice for a comfortable footwear choice 
  • For a more intelligent look, leather sandals are preferred 

However, there are some golden rules in the fashion world. There are certain shoe-styling tips that help style the men’s sandals in an exotic way so that you don’t look lost. Get ready to look stylish with comfy and style from the beach to cafes by following these easy style guides. 

How to wear sandals with various outfits?  

1. Sandals and Suit Separates 

Fashion is being creative and launching your own trends with your personal artistic flare. Well, you might have always seen suits paired with black or brown leather boots, but how about sandals? That’s a match made in paradise. It looks stylish, comfortable, and super cool. Try pairing men’s slides sandals with mixed and matched suit separates to create your own classic look.  

2. Sandals and chinos 

Sandals are summer essentials, and so it is easy to pair them with another summer fashion item – chinos and a t-shirt. Choose neutral colors for your chinos, and try pairing them with strappy sandals. You'll be ready to rock the floor, and you can even wear them to the office.  

3. Sandals and jeans 

Jeans are the most versatile and stylish fashion outfit, and so it is easy to pull off a look with men’s sandals. Denim jeans and leather flip-flops make for an extremely handsome pairing. It looks dapper and is ideal for casual hangouts with friends or en route to shopping malls.  

4. Sandals and swimwear 

Smarter than any other footwear, the men’s slides sandals are perfect for a beach holiday. Pair the fashion icons with swim shorts, and you are ready to party on the beach as well as stroll around the beachside in the evening. It protects your feet from the hot sand and pebbles as well as offer you a style quotient to shine out. 

5. Sandals and tailored trousers 

While you may think about how to style smart trousers with sandals, they are easy to pair with a sharp bottom half. Well, you just need a beautiful pair to look fabulous. For a smart casual attire, try pairing wide-leg trousers with leather strapped pair of sandals that is capable of extracting as much smartness as possible.  

6. Sandals and shorts 

Summertime is the season for shorts and sandals! Be it denim shorts or printed cotton shorts, when paired with a cool T-shirt gives the much-needed relaxed vibe. To add the touch of comfort and style to this amazing summer duo, men's slide sandals work wonders. The combination of shorts and sandals is perfect for a summer vacation. There are a variety of options, such as thongs, slides, flip flops, leather sandals, etc., to pair with the cool shorts. Try pairing different styles of sandals with your favorite pair of shorts to create your own fashion statement. 


Summertime is everyone's favorite season of the year as it gives the opportunity to flaunt the cool summer dresses. Well, it’s time to add sandals to this ensemble to instantly play down your getup. Men's slides sandals give a more relaxed vibe and make a fashionable statement with a casual ensemble. Try getting a bit experimental when it comes to footwear and finish the look with an amazing pair of sandals. To get the exclusive collection of men’s footwear for your summer wardrobe, choose from the collection of Ipanema. It has sandals for every outfit, from thongs to flip-flops. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer with Ipanema’s exclusive men’s sandals collection.