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How to Style Any Kind of Men’s Smartwatch

How to Style Any Kind of Men’s Smartwatch

A smartwatch is more than just a toy for the tech buff or a fitness gadget for those that care about their health. A smartwatch can be a great accessory to add to your outfit and if you know how to get the right one for your style, you will surely be the best-dressed amongst your peers.

You can always tell how a smartwatch can be styled based on the design of the device itself. Some are more casual than cool, and some give off a very luxurious aura. In this article, we have gathered four different styles of smartwatches to show how you can pair each of them with your outfits.


How to Style Any Kind of Men’s Smartwatch

Most smartwatches are used for athletic and sport purposes because of the health and fitness features that the watches come with, as well as the durable exterior. The Garmin Forerunner 745 is a good example of a sporty smartwatch. The watch features a water-resistant silicone strap, as well as a fibre-reinforced polymer bezel around the Corning Gorilla Glass DX lens. Overall, this smartwatch gives off a rugged yet understated cool look.

Styling a sporty smartwatch might just be the easiest because you are most likely using this to the gym, to a workout session, or to the outdoors, which means that you will be in your athletic wear. However, if you plan on getting a sporty smartwatch as an everyday watch, you should style it with something casual. Perhaps a simple t-shirt and jeans combo, or a basic hoodie with black joggers. For shoes, you can go for sneakers, preferably one that is worn mainly for leisure.


Another style of a smartwatch is the casual style. Most tech brands have designed their line of smartwatches to be more casual than sporty, even though they have added all those fitness and health apps. For example, the highly popular and sleek-looking Apple Watch Series 6, which does not come with any eye-catching design features, but it is not supposed to. The idea of a casual smartwatch is that it allows you to style it with almost any outfit combination.

A great selling point to the Apple Watch is that you can substitute the existing strap with another one which gives you more styling options. However, even with the default strap, you can already get some good inspiration. A look you can go for with the smartwatch is business casual, so grab a white t-shirt, a pair of brown chinos, and a black blazer. Finish the look with some black leather shoes for your feet and an Apple Watch for your wrist.


How to Style Any Kind of Men’s Smartwatch

Most watch aficionados will tell you that a good classic watch is the way to go but that does not mean you have to sacrifice the latest technology. The Fossil Gen 5 embodies classic but comes equipped with Google’s Wear OS technology so you can have the best of both worlds. The default brown leather strap can be switched out to a stainless steel or a silicon band, but it is already perfect as is.

Since the design of the Fossil Gen 5 is one that is timeless, it is also very easy to style this smartwatch. You can go for casual or business, but you can also go for formal. The leather strap means you can easily wear this to a black-tie event or your corporate job. The watch is also great for the older gentlemen if you are thinking about getting a gift for one.


Many luxury brands have also made the move to develop their own line of smartwatches, and when we say luxury, we meant it. German luxury goods manufacturer Montblanc has an entire line of smartwatches and the one that caught our eye is the Montblanc Watch Summit 2+ in Black Steel. This smartwatch looks and feels luxurious, with its modern design that incorporates a stainless-steel case with a sapphire glass display.

Now, some might assume that it will be hard to pair a luxury smartwatch with something less than formal but that is not the case with the Montblanc Watch Summit 2+. The all-black design allows you to pair it with everything from leisure to formal. In fact, the company has even advertised their smartwatches to be a great workout companion. Also, best believe that for the price you paid for this luxury smartwatch, you will want to wear it everywhere.

How to Style Any Kind of Men’s Smartwatch