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How to Stay Stylish During an Outdoor Adventure!

Now that the summer season is full on the swing, the Himalayan treks like Hampta Pass, Bhrigu Lake, Rupin Pass and many more are out there for you to explore.

So follow this article to see how you can stay stylish during these treks for the best adventure experience of your life.

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What you wear resembles your attitude. So, why compromise on fashion even when trekking or hiking when you can look the part of a great adventurer?

Plus, outdoor clothing is all about comfort so just by following a few simple style guidelines, staying stylish even in the most extreme conditions is not an issue.

Here are some top tips on how men can stay stylish on their next adventurous excursion -

1. Field jackets – Multipurpose and Fashionable at the same time

Just like a well-fitted blazer can never go wrong on camping trips, the same rules apply for a field jacket. Here’s why you must invest in a decent field jacket:

  • The boxy silhouette of most field jackets makes it extremely comfortable in most weather conditions
  • Field jackets come with quite a lot of pockets that decorate the clothing’s chest and hip areas making it a must-have for outdoor wear. The pockets are ideal for carrying torches, smartphones, snacks, and swiss knives.
  • Field Jackets typically come in cozy cotton material making these types of jackets very breathable. This is ideal for uphill hikers.
  • Another advantage? Field Jackets look similarly fashionable indoors.

Depending on the situation pick a nice brightly hued field jacket (especially for trekking in snow) or a subtle brown colour (for forest explorers).

How to Stay Stylish During an Outdoor Adventure!

2. Always Go for Neutral Sneakers

When shopping for hiking sneakers, always make sure to go the extra mile and settle for something aesthetically pleasing.

The wilderness is a place for maturity and class. This is why men prefer to wear olive brown or dark green sneakers out in the wild. Fit the part of an explorer and stay classy when picking up sneakers for your next adventure. 

How to Stay Stylish During an Outdoor Adventure!

3. Choose Clothes with Durable Fabrics

A lot of things can go wrong when exploring the outer world. Hikers constantly lose track of their hiking trails, explorers always face the risk of coming head-on with water rapids and coming up against rain on camp night-outs is also extremely common.

The wilderness has a horrid reputation of being demanding. Owing to Mother Nature’s disruptive ways, there are certain things that even the most equipped explorers cannot influence. Nevertheless, fashion horrors like tearing apart your beloved lightweight pullover are entirely preventable.

As opposed to sporting your fragile and easily tear-able threads, always select thicker garments when shopping for outdoor wear.

For instance, the next time you go trekking, make sure that you have replaced that lightly interlaced jumper for a rough field jacket. Or, instead of wearing a hoodie, wear a rough and tough windcheater.

This does not mean that you have to compromise on your style choices; however, heavy clothes can make your outdoor fashion game a lot more practical and a lot less hectic.

How to Stay Stylish During an Outdoor Adventure!

4. Layers – How to Incorporate Fashion and Function

Wearing thick materials on an outdoor trip is a fine way of avoiding any unwelcome wears and tears. However, with more experience of camping and outdoor exploration, it becomes clear for explorer that woods, forests and even certain hiking trails can get surprisingly warm especially in mid-day.

Combine that with the human mind that has walked miles throughout the day and we have a problem. Beat the temperature by wearing several layers of clothing. A basic T-shirt can without difficulty slip under a heavy knit or jacket.

Wearing layers is also a great way to experiment with colour combinations. Combining fashion and function has never been easier.

5. Accessories are Very Important

The general misconception that most explorers have is - “Why to care about accessories in the outdoors?” Well, there are plenty of reasons to add some effective accessories to your outdoor clothing line.

Some much-loved accessories are usually practical and fundamental for being on your own out in the wilderness.

Instead of wearing a stylish baseball hat with sunglasses switch up your style by picking some smooth and athletic alternatives. Purchase glasses that come with added UV protection.

The sun needs to be on your side when you’re outside so why not make the process of fighting off harsh rays as stylish as possible? Instead of sporting cherished heritage watches, go for something more practical. The ideal watch-wear when exploring is digital watches.

Even better- digital watches that can display coordinates and altitudes. Wear fashionable beanies and neck warmers which not only keep you warm but also add an extra touch of elegance to your outdoor look.

Not only do these choices help in building an attitude of fighting the dust, grime and unpredictability of the outside world – for explorers these simple decisions end up in instantly transforming their outfit game from a mish-mash assortment of clothes to a considerate ensemble.

Yes, it is the little details that make the difference between a successful trip and an unsuccessful one.

Planning for fashion choices for an outdoor trip comes with an added responsibility of combining fashion and function. But a stylish adventure is worth its rewards!

How to Stay Stylish During an Outdoor Adventure! 

How to Stay Stylish During an Outdoor Adventure!