How to Remain Stylish While Riding Your Motorcycle
September 19, 2019

How to Remain Stylish While Riding Your Motorcycle

More people are willing to trade their regular cars for two-wheelers because they are more convenient, consume less gas, and help save time and energy when commuting to work every morning. 

However, being stylish while riding your motorbike across town could prove a challenging task as protective gear is not exactly fancy and elegant. 

But, with the help of some simple tips and rules to follow, you can successfully upgrade your wardrobe and look sharp at any hour of the day, even when you’re on the saddle. Here is how to dress to impress while still keeping it real and safe during your ride. 

Put safety first 

Looking sharp and stylish should never come at the expense of safety. We cannot stress this enough but you should never consider riding your motorcycle without proper protective gear. You may not need some affordable moto GPS units and you could even skip on the latest camera to mount on your helmet but you should never put a price on your safety.

That being said, there are still plenty of clothing and accessory choices that look stylish and will absorb shocks in case of accidents. 

Invest in a good helmet

Wearing a helmet is mandatory even though it will mess up your hair, especially if you wear it long or style it in a certain way each morning. However, riding your motorcycle to work on a daily basis requires sacrifices, including making a quick stop to the bathroom on the way to your office to fix your hair after taking off your helmet

Consider an elegant leather jacket

Leather jackets and vests aren’t only for the members of Hells Angels MC but for your own safety as well. There is a wide variety of options available on the market, so you’ll easily find one that matches your tastes, requirements, and pocket size. 

A fitted leather jacket won’t only protect you while riding your bike but will also look cool combined with almost anything, from smart-casual trousers to slim-fit and tailored elegant pants. For increased versatility and a touch of style, we suggest sticking to regular black or dark brown products without too many zippers, studs, and visible padding. 

Boots are also important 

Investing in a quality pair of boots is mandatory to stay safe on the motorbike. However, if you want to wear the same pair at the office, make sure you opt for an ankle model, without studs and other metallic accessories. 

Boots should also be worn underneath your pants, so check for items with a relaxed fit that will go well with the rest of your gear and accessories. 

Luckily, you’ll find a wide array of elegant motorcycle boots that will complete your look and provide increased protection for your feet and legs at the same time. Make sure to also add a matching leather belt for your pants and you’re ready to roll.

What about shirts?

You can wear any type of shirt underneath your jacket as long as the latter comes with enough padding to keep you protected. In fact, one of the good things about protective gear is that it will keep your undergarments unwrinkled and safe for attending important business meetings.

We suggest opting for slim fit versions that are cut closely to the body to keep you warm while riding your bike. Materials are also important so we suggest sticking to natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe properly and prevent overheating. 

Cotton and cotton blends are the most appropriate fabrics for shirts, while woven fabrics will feel softer on the skin and won’t get wrinkled too badly either. 

How to Remain Stylish While Riding Your Motorcycle