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How to Look Like a Modern Man with 24/7 Wardrobe

The second decade of this fast-moving and dynamic 21st century is finally upon us, guys. So there’s every reason why every man out there who truly cares about his sense of fashion to ensure his wardrobe is as trendy as the new decade.

The best advice is to redirect all the finances you were going to drop on new kitchen supplies or a gym membership towards some of the wardrobe essentials highlighted here.

Instead of making some empty resolutions that you’ll most likely never keep, try to focus on one that you’re sure you can: dress better. These wardrobe essentials will keep your fashion style point on 24/7 in 2020 and beyond.

A Serious Navy Suit

There’s no way any man would be forgiven for showing up for a wedding, a business meeting, a fancy evening dinner, in court, or any occasion with a sense of dignity in a pair of jeans.

Turn to a no-nonsense blue, two-button suit for such occasions. There’s no man on this planet that doesn’t need one serious navy suit. 

Track Suits

In this guide we don't limit you to the typical trends, as more brands are becoming available (the more brands the better!) as we know many of you buy into the inspiration we provide.

Nowadays cheap mens tracksuits are must-have for the modern man's wardrobe.A nice coat, trench or even a blazer will instantly make you look good in a tracksuit.A pair of sneakers could also be good. Sneakers have the beauty of being light and quick without the inconvenience of weight.

A Fitting Gray Suit

We are all too familiar with the cliché “the man in the gray suit,” but you must give your wardrobe the ultimate respect. Alongside its close friend, the blue suit, a gray option can always get you through most of your more casual, formal or business occasions. 

Fill Some Boots

Chelsea boots have always been a style staple that work well with each season. The best thing about Chelsea boots is that, like a man, they usually get better with age. You can give your style a hipster vibe by wearing them with a ribbed sock and rolling up your pant’s hems a few turns. 

Flying Colors

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a piece you love in every color. A vibrant sweater will boost your winter wardrobe and can be layered over a floral collared shirt when the temperatures dip to freezing.

When paired with some dark jeans, you’ll get that look that’s just perfect for an unstructured day. A pair of office-appropriate dark jeans is also a useful addition to your usual 9 to 5 attire. Perhaps you should stay off ripped jeans to stay safe-for-work.

A Silk-Knit Tie

This is probably one of those men’s wardrobe accessories that just seem to work with everything. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about the risk of pattern clashing. It’s just a subtle touch of texture and a big touch of style.

A Plain White Dress Shirt

From weddings, dinner parties to job interviews and beyond, you can never go wrong with a plain white dress shirt for life’s more formal occasions. 

A Plain-Blue Dress Shirt

In a nutshell, you cannot wear white on all occasions. A plain-blue dress shirt always offers a refreshing, stylish change to your style.

Every man needs a few useful wardrobe tips and tricks from time to time, regardless of your style routine. This compilation is just that: a few simple rules that will help you to effortlessly top every look.

How to Look Like  a  Modern Man with  24/7  Wardrobe