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How to Easily Improve Your Shoe Game and Show Off Your Style

Although many women enjoy collecting different types of shoes, the same can’t always be said for men. A recent study performed on both women and men living in the United States made it apparent that women are paying attention to what people wear on their feet way more often than men are paying attention to shoes.

In fact, a total of 64 per cent of the women who responded to the survey claimed to look at a man’s shoes and judge his fashion choices based on what he’s wearing on his feet.

Roughly 36 per cent of the women respondents said they look at a man’s shoes to try to determine if a man is financially stable or not.

More than half of the women who responded to the survey agreed that a guy with good shoes seems to pay close attention to detail while a man who doesn’t have good shoes simply doesn’t seem to care about those details nearly as much.

Overall, the survey proved that women are certainly judging men and their shoe choices, so it’s a good idea for men to choose the right shoes to wear at all times.

How to Easily Improve Your Shoe Game

Keep Your Toes Covered

Most men don’t have the greatest looking toes, so it’s better to keep them covered. Even if you’re trimming them and taking good care of them, it’s better to play it safe by choosing to avoid the sandals and using other types of shoes that cover those toes.

Avoid the Shiny Shoes With Denim

Some men make the mistake of wearing shiny shoes that are meant to be worn with suits when they’re wearing denim pants.

Although the clubs may have a specific dress code that prohibits individuals from wearing sneakers, there is still no reason to choose funeral shoes when you’re wearing something as casual as denim. It’s better to look for options that aren’t sneakers but are still quite casual.

Go For the Suede Look

If you want to wear a pair of shoes that look good with all kinds of outfits and are slightly less casual than sneakers without looking too fancy, go with a pair of desert boots that are made from a suede material. They’re available in lots of different colours and plenty of men wear them, including Prince Harry! Check out these styles from Rockport shoes - there are some nice ones on here.

Keep Your White Socks Covered

It’s one thing to want to show off your socks because they’ve got some neat designs and patterns on them, but those bulky white socks aren’t the most attractive to look at, so you should keep them covered. If you’re wearing shorts, don’t pull out those long white tube socks.

Choose Shoes That Look Good With Your Belt

Create the perfect look by making sure your belt looks right with your shoes. For example, you could wear a brown belt with some brown shoes. It shows you pay attention to small details and care about matching.

These tips can certainly help you improve your shoe game. Wearing the right shoes will leave women even more impressed with your style.