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How to Dress Better With A Capsule Collection

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In today’s post, we want to help you dress better by guiding you through the basics of creating a capsule collection and we are joined by Sebastian Garcia from to help with the process. As a Mexican native, he knows what it takes to look smart and polished, no matter the occasion.

So, If you’ve been thinking of clearing through your closet for a while now, feel overwhelmed when you have an event to attend, or, just want to have a more simplistic yet stylish fashion collection, this article is for you.

Let’s get started!

Choose a Color Palette

The key thing about a capsule collection is that everything coordinates well, which means you need to stick to a color palette that suits you and that you love. Garcia recommends neutrals, “They blend effortlessly together and can easily be layered and transitioned from season to season,” he says.

Key Items

Underwear/Socks – “Calvins are my go-to brand for underwear, they’re comfortable and they last a long time,” says Garcia. The color palette is also likely to match your whole collection if you’re sticking with neutrals

A smart jacket/ blazer – These are great for bringing outfits together and adding a little more sophistication at formal events.

How to Dress Better With A Capsule Collection

Shirts – we all need to look smart from time to time, so be sure to include a dress shirt alongside two or three high-quality t-shirts. “Try to ditch the vests” recommends Garcia. “If you’re worried about the warm weather, purchase a light, breezy, short sleeve shirt, with a casual pattern on as a 5th option.”

Jeans – Just a couple of pairs will suffice, have one lighter more casual pair, and a darker wash pair for evenings out and for the winter season. “You really DON’T need 15 very similar shades of blue jeans hanging in your closet,” says Garcia.

How to Dress Better With A Capsule Collection

Sweater – Have one or two statement knitwear pieces that you can easily layer on your clothes. Grays and Blacks work best.

Shoes – We recommend having one formal pair of shoes, one smart/casual pair, and perhaps some sneakers for the gym or if you go running.

How to Dress Better With A Capsule Collection

Shorts – Even in the colder months, it could be handy to have a pair of tailored shorts in your arsenal, in the summer you can add a few more pairs if necessary. 

Accessories – “Finally, I always recommend having a high-quality pair of shades, but I do live in a hot country,” says Garcia, “aviators or wayfarers work best”. If you wear hats, we recommend sticking to one or two baseball caps. You can also add in a smarter hat if you really need. Also, ensure you have one belt in a dark brown shade to help bring your outfits together.

How to Dress Better With A Capsule Collection

Have we motivated you to declutter your closet? Need some more in-depth tips and tricks? If so, we’ve put together some of our favorite capsule collection pieces into one handy e-book. It’s currently on special, so be sure to check it out!