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How to Choose the Right Pouch Underwear for Your Body?

Good underwear is a priority no matter what. Too loose or too tight underwear is always a bad idea. Whenever fit is concerned, the support factor comes into the picture. And when the support of underwear is the topic of discussion, the pouch design is the first thing that comes to mind. In that case, how to choose the right pouch underwear for your body?

Many men are guilty of making the most common underwear mistakes. This includes not understanding the different styles of underwear before buying. Not every type of underwear is suitable for your body shape after all. Then there are other important factors like breathability, support, comfort, etc. that also matter.

So what I’m going to do is discuss the 3 most common styles of men’s underwear. And after that, I’ll tell you what type of pouch underwear works the best for what body type.

Boxers for Men


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Needless to say, boxers are the most comfortable in the category of best mens underwear. No wonder they’re so popular. Boxers offer all the freedom of movement you demand from your underwear. The baggy, loose fit also enables breathability. This means your package remains dry, fresh, and comfortable throughout the wear.

The only drawback of boxers is the lack of support. Even the slim fit kind of boxers don’t provide enough support to hold your genitals in place. They may be more fitted than casual boxers. But both styles are loose and don’t provide enough support.

Irrespective of that, they’re the most comfortable. In fact, it’s because of this particular baggy comfort that boxers are so popular.

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Briefs for Men


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Briefs have been around for ages. This type of underwear gives you all the support and comfort you demand. And it covers your whole package, including your penis and balls. At the same time, briefs also offerfreedom of movement around your legs.

Now let me tell you that not all briefs for men are designed in the same manner.

  • Low-rise briefs are great for enhancing your package. The low-cut waist sits around the bottom of the hipbone very comfortably.
  • Mid-rise briefs provide more coverage than their low-rise counterparts. They fit around your actual waistline. And are just as breathable as the others.
  • Full-rise briefs, on the other hand, are the best for complete coverage. The waistband sits below the navel. Men who want their waistline to look slimmer usually go for full-rise briefs.

Now you know how to wear briefs properly by choosing the right kind of briefs.

Boxer Briefs


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No doubt, boxer briefs are the best ball support underwear. Even briefs are great for delivering support to your whole package. But boxer briefs do it while also making room for breathability and freedom of movement.

Boxer briefs offer the same coverage as boxers but without looking baggy. And that’s the best part. Because it means you can wear boxer briefs for your workout sessions. Protection and support are factors you can count on in this case.

The waistband of boxer briefs sits above the hips. But it’s not as high as full-rise briefs. But boxer briefs tend to accentuate your tummy. Thus, creating the undesirable look of muffin top. So if you have a big tummy, then you should avoid wearing boxer briefs. And now you understand how to wear boxer briefs properly?



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This is yet another combination of briefs and boxers. But with shorter legs. The box shape of trunks implies the underwear is not as baggy as boxers. However, the support they hand out is as remarkable as the support of a pair of briefs.

How to Choose the Right Pouch Underwear for Your Body

If your body type is slimmer…

Then trunks are your best friends. With a slimmer body, you can end up looking bony if you wear shorter or baggier underwear. So trunks are not as tight as briefs. And they’re longer than briefs.

Also, you should avoid boxers because their baggy fit doesn’t complement thinner legs.

If you’re short…

Then you don’t want a lot of material to swamp the body. As that can make you look even shorter. So your safest option is a pair of briefs. Briefs don’t contain too much material. On top of that, they fit nice and snug in the most comfortable manner.

If you’re tall…

You should always wear boxer briefs. This type of underwear has the ability to cover more leg. So every part of you down there gets covered up properly. Whatever the case, ditch undies with too little fabric in case you’re tall or very tall.

The EndNote

It goes without saying that you should always choose the right style and size of underwear. But not many men know how to choose the right pouch underwear for your body. So I have discussed what works best for short, tall, slim, and heavy figures.

If you’re short, go for briefs. If you’re tall, then select boxer briefs. When slim, wear trunks. And when you have a slight tummy, then avoid boxer briefs.

A pair of uncomfortable or unsupportive undies can ruin your whole day. So choose wisely before buying.

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